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7 Reasons Why We Love Big Booty Escort London

Every man in the world has a thing for a Big Booty Escorts London, and none can deny that. There is something magical in that which makes you go crazy and do whatever it takes to touch it. Both men and women are obsessed with big butts. They are just so pretty to look at and feel so great when you touch them. If you are reading this, then you’re part of the big booty lovers club. However, as magical as it may be, big booty is not just great to look on. Here are some reasons why people love Big Booty Escort London. We are sure that some of them will manage to surprise you. You will find out you had another idea of why you loved a big booty so far.

1. Big booty Escorts in London are more intelligent

Believe it or not, a 2010 study from an oxford university proved that women with big butts are more creative and healthier than the flat ones. So one reason you love Big Booty Escort London it’s the fact that you like a smart partner by your side. Who wouldn’t love an escort that knows how to charm and seduce you without having to go naked. Those girls know how to play with your brain and charm you the very first moment you lay your eyes on her. 


2. Big Booty Escort in London come up with smart kinky ideas.

Leave it to a big booty escort to come up with new kinky ideas on how to bring more fun to your bedroom. Those girls are perfect when it comes to fulfilling the naughty desires their new clients have. Always on the look for more fun and adventures, we are confident that your time with our Big Booty Escort in London will be one that you will remember for a long time. Don’t hesitate to tell your partner about your naughty desires and she will find a way to give life to them.

3. Women with big butts are healthier

Who doesn’t love going out with curvy London escorts, healthy women ? You two walking side by side will turn heads wherever you go. Every man will be jealous of you and the partner you have by your side. Watch how strangers, friends, and work colleagues turn on their green face of envy. Once again, it’s the University of Oxford who told us the result of their study. Big Booty Escorts in London are here to offer the best of their body.

4. Big Ass Escorts in London are more instinctively attractive.

It’s safe to say that men are extremely attracted to a London call girl with big booty. For a good reason, we turn our heads when we see a girl with a huge booty pass by. Our male instinct comes in-game, and we do everything to get her attention. Even when you’re at a party, you see a big booty girl, you try to talk to her, maybe buy her a drink and invite her to your place. It’s all chemistry nobody can explain.

Big booty escort in London alice with red lingeries showing her perfect big ass

5. Big butts make a great pillow

Have you ever used your girlfriend’s butt as a place to rest your head? If not, you’re not living your full life, and if yet, it’s safe to say that’s how paradise feels like. Our Big Booty Escort London can give you that feeling whenever you want. Maybe you never had the chance before because your girlfriend had a flat ass or you never thought of it. Now it’s your time to experience this totally magical feeling. Lay your head on her huge booty and all your problems will be gone for a while. You will feel like you’re in the softest place on earth. 


6. Big Booty Escort London are like a dangerously addictive drug.

Once you taste the big booty escorts London, you could never go back to flat petite girls. Your brain will only think of one thing, and that’s a phat ass. As one study shows, whenever a guy sees a big booty, he likes parts of his brain is activated. Drugs and alcohol also activate those parts. We knew a big ass was addictive, but this goes beyond anything. And just like drugs, only a few men can handle a Big Booty Escort London. She will drain you to the core, making you fall in love with her booty.

7. They offer a lot more things to hold on to in the bedroom

Most men prefer Big Booty Escort London because they are more fun in the bedroom. We all know this, and it doesn’t come as a surprise. Who doesn’t love a little junk in the trunk? Well, to make you feel like you rule the world, our London call girls have the most beautiful booties you’ve seen in your entire life. Yes, they are magical, nonetheless making their clients remember those happy moments for the rest of their lives.