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7 tips to visit an escort (Practical Guide)

The act of setting up a date with an escort represents a great deal of self-love from the very moment we enter the Theory Love Escort site to choose the girl we want to be with. It represents the fact that we are responsible with our sex life and give ourselves the opportunity to indulge from time to time to drain all the desire and libido we have accumulated over time.

An escort is undoubtedly the right woman to fulfill our deepest fantasies and some other fetish, as they are women widely experienced in sexual practices and some of them specialize in specific techniques.

Now, we will give you a series of tips so that you can have a pleasant experience when you go to escort services, do not miss a minute of reading.

London Escort sexy brunette girl

Take the necessary time to choose the right woman

It is no secret that these services have a great variety of workers and each one has completely different preferences, specializations and limits, so not all of them will adapt to your own tastes or requirements. For this reason, it is necessary that you take enough time to think in advance what your desires and expectations are so that you can make the most suitable selection.

Look up the phone number to see if the escort is independent.

It is important that you investigate the contact details and make sure about the veracity of them to determine if this is an independent escort. In some cases, there is a risk that she is in fact a dishonest worker and the details are out of date or not accurate.

Would you prefer to visit the escort at her apartment, go to a London hotel or invite her to your home?

All of them are great options, however, you should evaluate which one best suits your current situation and what are the risks involved. Each may have a significant impact on privacy and discretion, so it is important that you focus on safeguarding your personal image so as not to affect other areas of your life.

There are hotels equipped to have sex and escorts that have completely discreet apartments and trained to have sex without problems.

Send a polite, concise message, without inappropriate requests.

It is important to remember at all times that you are talking to a person who is, after all, offering a job, therefore, you must maintain cordiality and politeness in communication. Also, make sure that your messages are brief, easy to understand and explicit so that she can quickly get an idea of what you require and can determine if she wants to fulfill the request.

Having a good communication from the first moment is essential to ensure that the rest of the service is to the liking of both.

Think about whether you are looking for an hour or half an hour is enough

Depending on the request you make, you need to calculate enough time. Not all services will be sexual, so if you need the company for a business or social event, probably half an hour or an hour is not enough. To avoid misunderstandings on the spot, it is important that you calculate exactly how much time you will require for the service so that the escort can also plan accordingly.

Punctuality and hygiene are sacred for an escort

There is not much to go into here. Nobody likes unpunctuality and lack of hygiene, so be on time and dress appropriately, for paying for it, it is still a date like any other and these aspects are appreciated, so take your measures in this regard and warn if you will have any delay.

Safe sex… ALWAYS.

Both for you and for her to maintain a healthy state is essential, have your condoms and prevention measures against STDs so you do not have problems or the service is suspended at the last minute, no one likes to put themselves at risk even though the girl is completely at your sexual disposal.