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8 steps to introduce an escort to your partner

It is well known that in today’s society people have opened up to new trends and sexual alternatives whose objective is to provide even more pleasure than what was achieved with conventional relationships. This is surely due to the fact that we have presented a great evolution and social development that has allowed us to get rid of certain taboos and social stigmas that limited us to have a monotonous and boring intimacy.

All this has led people to have a much more liberal and open mind to a wide variety of possibilities, making certain fantasies such as threesomes to be established in the brains of men and women.

While it is true that this is an erotic art that basically anyone would like to live once, it is necessary to take certain measures and precautions in this regard that in couple relationships would not normally be taken into account, from knowing how to choose our third person to knowing how not to make our wife or girlfriend uncomfortable and jealous.

There are many escorts who are specialized in the practice of threesomes, however, even so in this article we will provide you with a series of steps or tips so you can introduce your partner to the idea of having sex by the hand of a sexual professional from Theory Love Escort, knowing that even today there are still women with this kind of stigmas.

London Escort partner introduction

Am I ready? 

It is important to remember that a threesome does not stop being a fantasy and that these are surrounded by idealization and expectations, so it is essential that at a mental level you have the certainty that you are ready to live something of this style. Think about it, meditate enough and organize in your mind what you really want, so you can determine if it is really what you are looking for.


Maintain 100% trust:

Introducing a third person to the relationship can considerably change much of how you treat or were treated by your partner prior to this event, so it is extremely important that you are sure you have a serious and fully consolidated relationship so that there can be no fallout later on or your partner feels betrayed.


Talk it out:

A priority when you plan to have sex with other people is to talk about it honestly and tactfully, introduce the subject slowly and make sure your partner has the same fantasy as you. The goal of threesomes is that everyone involved can end up happy and satisfied, so you should evaluate the fact that your partner still has some stigmas about this type of relationship.


Find an escort: 

It is important that at this point you and your partner can agree on your preferences and contact an escort from our agency who specializes in this type of practices, which will result in her being able to perform in a non-intrusive way and find the most optimal sexual techniques to provide sexual pleasure to both of you.


Get into the mood: 

Once you have taken all the prior preparations and are aware of what you expect from the experience you need to get the ball rolling. One way to ensure everyone is in the right mood is to watch a porn movie, try sexting or a video call, which will allow you to get to know each other beforehand.


The encounter: 

Just as you talked to your partner, if you have the opportunity it would be ideal to have a meeting with the escort hours before or pay for a longer service so that way you can get a little closer, get to know each other and talk about everyone’s expectations so you can reach a common ground.


Keep fights to a minimum:: 

One of the most important factors is that you and your partner manage to let go of social convictions and stigmas that will not allow you to enjoy each other equally. You must remember that this process goes beyond jealousy, emotions or fidelity and seeks the maximum possible satisfaction so that everyone has a great experience.