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About profiles with fake photos

With the advent of the Internet, escort services have become extremely popular and although this is certainly a positive aspect since it encourages sexual diversity and variety, making it easier for sex fanatics to find their ideal girl in a fast and practical way, it has also brought with it certain problems and inconveniences typical of every work environment.

As in every profession there have always been dishonest workers and companies with their clients who look for the best way to get money even if this means putting into practice certain activities or unethical techniques, however, this has become increasingly common in escort agencies and we consider that it is a problem that organizations themselves should solve.

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However, it is a fact that clients should also take certain safety measures when interacting with this kind of service on the internet to ensure that their experience is a pleasant one and that they are paying for something that is real.

If you are a neophyte in this kind of website, you probably don’t know most of the dangers involved in contacting an escort via the internet, so today we will reveal one of the most common inconveniences: fake profiles.

Actually, as we mentioned before, it is the job of escort agencies and advertisers to keep their spaces free of fake profiles or dishonest workers as we strive to do at Theory Love Escort, but this is not always the case, and you as a user must learn each and every one of the techniques used by this kind of scammers in order to take even a penny from you.

Taking into account all that has been said so far, we will now provide you with a series of tools and qualities that you should have when it comes to adult services, which will allow you to perform in a better way and run fewer risks.

Common Sense

Have you ever seen a profile that posts pictures of a woman who could easily be one of the most luxurious escorts in London with lower than normal rates? Listen to your intuition and run away from this kind of users, it is clearly a way to lure less cautious users and scam them out of their money. In the best case scenario, maybe this profile is real and it really is the girl shown in the gallery, but this one must have a number of characteristics that make her problematic and that’s why you should lower your rates.

“It’s just that they have Photoshop.”

This is related to fake photos. There are many girls who genuinely provide their services but their photos on the page do not really reflect who they are in person. It is common to retouch gallery photos to make themselves look more suggestive proportions or more delicate facial features, so it is important that you tell the site once you have had the inconvenience so that they can take action on the matter.

Suspicious voice

When you contact a girl and notice that her voice is strange in some way or another, it is better not to count on the service even if it is just an intuition. Meeting people online has its risks and it is best to avoid them even if you are not entirely sure about it.

Spelling mistakes

You may not find the relationship between one aspect and the other at first, however, we remind you that escorts not only provide sexual services, but also offer an unparalleled companionship and are academically trained to be able to function properly in any environment. Having constant spelling mistakes would speak badly of their abilities and communication skills, so doubt the quality of the service.


Nowadays hiring escorts is no longer a taboo and there are entire forums that talk about the most convenient ways to contact them or about the associated problems. In some particular websites you can find debates where the veracity of a profile is questioned, so you can check before your appointment.