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Anal play with london escorts

In the mind of any man there are a series of fantasies that have become more and more recurrent with time, either because nowadays we have a greater sexual diversity or because the world of escorts has expanded significantly in recent decades.

Among these hard-to-fulfill sexual desires are threesomes, deep throat, public sex, but among all these, there is anal sex, a type of practice that not every girl would be willing to perform, and therefore, escorts have made an effort to learn how to do it in the best possible way to cover as many clients as possible.

Throughout history, anal penetration has been considered an act associated with blasphemy, and maybe because it is something “bad”, men have developed a fixation for it, which thanks to escort agencies can be easily performed.

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Going even further, today we distinguish two extremely important aspects, firstly, anal sex, which is the penetration itself, and on the other hand, anal games, which involve all those practices that do not necessarily have to do with the introduction of the penis.

Therefore, in this article we will give you a quick guide on all the recommendations that you should take into account when practicing anal sex with an escort from our agency, Theory Love Escort.

Remember to ask before the service

No woman is obliged to accept a type of service with which she does not feel comfortable, and therefore, you must recognize that not all women will be willing to perform anal games, some of them do not even let themselves touch the anus, so it is advisable not to force this type of situation.

On the other hand, there are a great variety of escorts who specialize in anal games and sex through this erogenous zone, so in our agency, you will be able to classify and have at your disposal a large catalog with the best professionals in London.

Lubrication, the more the better

It is important to remember that the anus, unlike the vagina or the penis, is not an area designed to have sex or play erotically with it, so it is unable to produce its own lubrication and secrete natural fluids that facilitate the sliding of the penis or other sex toys.

It is essential to use a type of lubricant, either water or silicone based, to keep the area sufficiently lubricated and thus avoid injury causing cracks or tears in the anal cavity or penis.

At the same time, having enough lubricant will help the escort to be much more relaxed during anal games and the anus will be more elastic.

A little tongue, black kissing and rimming

Black kissing consists of stimulating the anus by using the mouth and tongue, licking, kissing and caressing it to promote its relaxation, similar to cunnilingus. This is one of the most famous practices that falls under the category of anal play, and is also known as rimming. Don’t be afraid to explore different sides of sexuality, pleasure is guaranteed.

Take it easy

Regardless of the experience that the London escort has, it is important to make the body adapt to the sensitivity and create a sexual connection and tension beforehand, so one of our biggest recommendations is to start slowly, whether it is a black kiss or the penetration itself, try to go at the right pace so that the anus adapts and avoid uncomfortable situations or pain.

Take care of hygiene

Finally, just as hygiene is important in conventional intercourse, it is even more so in anal play. It is important to remember that the anus is still an area with a large presence of bacteria that do not contrast well with those found in other parts of the body, so good hygiene is essential.