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Avoiding nervousness with an London Escort

When you go on your first date with an escort, there are many reasons to be nervous and even feel afraid. Whether you have never requested this kind of service before or it is your first time having a conversation with the professional you have chosen, these kinds of situations could directly affect your social and sexual performance.

As we recognize that being nervous could hinder your qualities and make you not perform in the best way throughout the service, in this article we will try to provide you with a series of tips and recommendations to avoid nervousness during sexual encounters with an escort.

In the process, many doubts may arise, your personalities may not match, you may not be able to think of conversation topics to break the ice or you may ask a question you shouldn’t ask, so we will address all these aspects below.

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How to control your pre-meeting nerves?

Tell the escort

When we are nervous or afraid it is common to try to hide it from the person we are dealing with, however, it is important to remember that escorts are women with highly developed social skills and abilities and they will notice your body language easily, so one of the best recommendations is to be honest about it.

People find it hard to be honest about this, but we guarantee that by being outspoken, the escort will empathize with you and guide the conversation and create the right environment for you to learn to relax and be calmer. Remember that Theory Love Escort escorts are professional girls. 

Take your time

In general, we recommend that you prepare and get ready well in advance so that you can relax. Taking a long shower to ensure you look hygienic, choosing clothes that suit the occasion and make you feel comfortable, and trying to be on time will give you enough time to relax and get your expectations and thoughts about the encounter in order.

Rationalize your doubts

It is important that you give a logical and rational approach to your doubts and inconveniences during the date, not everything can be your fault, maybe the escort is not in one of her best days or you simply do not match your personalities and you cannot have topics of conversation to agree on.

There is an infinity of escorts in London that we will put at your disposal in our agency and surely there you will be able to find the woman that best suits you not only physically but also in terms of personality and mentality.

Channel your energy to avoid getting nervous

You must learn to channel your energy in a healthy way. Sometimes the state of nervousness can cause us to become overly involved in the subject, so you will start to overthink it and end up becoming anxious. We recommend that you engage in activities that allow you to stay relaxed, such as going to the gym, playing a video game, or doing an outdoor activity that helps you think about other things.

We do not advise the consumption of alcohol or drugs prior to the date as this could lead to other kinds of problems and give a negative image of you to the point that the escort will ask you to terminate the service, so save yourself from this kind of bad experience.

How to control sexual anxiety with an escort?

Men tend to feel too much pressure when it comes to having sex because they have to take into account a variety of factors while being intimate. Your physical appearance, the size of your penis, the strength of your erection or the duration during sex are variables that can affect your performance if you focus too much on them.

As such, we recommend that if you feel any discomfort or insecurity during the date, you should be honest about it with the girl and she will take appropriate measures so that you can overcome them in the process and get the desired sexual performance.

Our escorts at Theory Love Escort are professional women whose priority is to provide you with a pleasant and satisfying experience, they will provide you with the necessary assistance.