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Bachelor Parties with London Escorts

If you have already made the big decision to take the other step with your wife and get married, but you still have one more night of freedom in which to unleash your most primal instincts and let yourself be carried away by the sensual and the unexpected possibilities, then among those many things you can do is to hire an escort from Theory Love Escort. Or maybe you are one of the bachelor’s friends looking to surprise him, either way, at Theory Love Escort you have the opportunity to hire the best bachelor party services in London.

We know that among our definition of Escorts is not the fact that these girls serve for something else outside of simply giving sexual services, but this is because many people have prostituted the name of Escorts, when these girls encompass all these services including the sexual theme only as an extra, not as a definitive. 

If you are wondering what types of services an Escort can offer you for a bachelor party, we leave you below:

London Escort sexy brunette wearing black underwear and a black cropped top in front of the wall

Community sexual services

If you want a real farewell party where everyone does not know each other and there is a real lack of control and pleasure that a person can feel with several people offering sexual services at his side, then you can opt for orgies or sexual events with escorts. The girls will have to be previously informed that these will be the services they will provide to be able to offer them and that there is no problem with it, because if there is confusion there is a possibility that they will refuse to offer the service. But if it has been previously discussed and there is no problem with the agency, it will be one of the best nights of the life of the soon-to-be married couple.

There is also the possibility of asking for escorts only to attend the bachelor who is celebrating that night, whether it is just one or many escorts for one person and they are separated in a room so they can have their privacy, this in case you are a friend planning the bachelor party is an option we give to you.

Offer to animate the party

The girls are excellent socialites, they are great for when you need someone to bring the party together in every way and create a sense of fun with pleasant and charismatic conversations. In that case you can also opt for a Theory Love Escort to attend you and your friends during the whole night. 

The best thing to do in these cases is to let them know or clarify what are the intentions of the party to adapt the audience or attitude to it.

Pole Dancing

Many of the girls at Theory Love Escort have this extremely important skill in their arsenal of abilities thanks to the fact that many have practiced other arts outside of their regular jobs. So if you are interested in shows of this type the escorts can often offer them and for the most part they are excellent at what they do, as well as other types of arts they can do to entertain the people who hire them.

Party games with Escorts

Want to experience some good laughs before such an important event? Then you’ll find Escort party games to be a blast, from putting sushi on their stomachs to little games like word games with alcohol involved. Many of these look silly but with a couple of beers they are challenging and fun to play. 

We recommend that if you need a really charismatic escort who already has experience with this kind of thing the best thing to do is to ask Theory Love Escort for direct recommendations on which ones they recommend by default, and you will get one of the most beautiful girls. You can also add the filter that they need her to be of a very particular physical shape.