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Bathing with your London Escort, what to expect?

Experiencing sex in the shower has become one of the most anticipated fantasies of every person when getting a sexual partner, and we can blame it on Fifty Shades of Grey, but it is true that it is a delicious experience that although it is so pleasurable, it has its science, and it is important to do it right or we can have small or big accidents. 

Sex in the shower is one of the turning points for some people, where they dare to get out of bed to get a little more creative, but while it’s fun to leave the bed behind it’s also important that we put some care into it or you can arrive naked in the emergency room, and we know that’s definitely not one of your wet dreams.

If you are here because you probably got a girl to convince or you have an escort from Theory Love Escort waiting for your call to attend your home, and if this is the case, we have you well insured my dear friend. Keep reading and we will give you tips, poses and the confidence you need to get out of your comfort zone.

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Useful tips for all beginners of sex in the shower: 

Hot water may be the best option

We know you may be a cold water person, or you may think it’s unnecessary, but believe us, it’s hard to put yourself in each other’s shoes when you’re freezing to death and cold drops are falling on your back, adding that as soon as you get out of the shower you’ll feel cold again. So, listen to us, the best thing is a little bit of temperature to put the body where it should be.

Another very wise advice we give you is that you can play with the temperature, that is, you can put hot water to bathe and have it as a background during sex in the shower but you can have ice on hand to pass it to the escort or vice versa and play a little with the feeling. 

Lean on something 

It is extremely important that you have something to hold on to while performing activities like these because you don’t know when you might slip and take the girl with you. You can buy a bath mat to keep you from slipping, or perhaps have some brackets attached to the wall to help you in the process. However, as long as the escort is a Theory Love Escort, she will know how to help you get comfortable.

Use a few sex toys 

There are some sex toys that are waterproof and won’t give you any problems, just look for them on amazon or at your local sex store. If you are worried about not knowing how to use them, believe us when we tell you that the London escort will know how to take care of you. 

Edible soap?

Yes, it exists! We imagine that because of the ambiance you’ll want to get a little experimental and that includes kissing everywhere, for that, you can choose a soap at your local erotic store that is non-toxic and doesn’t taste horrible. 

Positions for shower sex: 

Doggy Style by Foot

We’ve seen this one in the movies, it’s the classic for the bath scene. But just because it’s so well known doesn’t make it any less tasty, quite the contrary. What you have to do is turn her upside down, face the wall, so that her ass is exposed and you have somewhere to grab and penetrate. 

Sit and ride

To do this, ask your partner to sit on the floor of the shower, or on the shower bench if you have one, or on the side of the tub. Place her in any position that allows penetration comfortably and hold her tightly as you ride her hips. Place your hands on your knees or against the shower wall for balance.


For this position is excellent the mat that we mentioned earlier, and is that with this technique you can lean her against the wall while with your legs she embraces you and you penetrate her as you like. If you will do it without the mat, remember to be very careful not to fall, because we insist, it is dangerous.