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Best positions for men with small penis

Being naked in front of a person can always awaken our greatest insecurities and make us unable to enjoy the full pleasure of the moment by restraining ourselves for punctual things.

One of the biggest problems of men in intimacy is the size of their penis, this is something that is directly associated with masculinity, and although having a large member does not guarantee to provide more satisfaction, many men consider it better than having a very small one. For this reason, here are some recommendations so that you can forget about this problem during intimacy.

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Some caveats

Determining what is really a small penis is complicated, since based on the average, we will see that this will seem big or tiny depending on the girl and the type of vagina she has, since none is equal to others and all have different capacities.

In addition, we want to emphasize that with the following positions you will be able to make your penis feel deeper during penetration, however, this will not be the solution for your partner to reach orgasm much more easily, since this is not the only factor to take into account.

The importance of oral sex

Men with an above-average size are often overconfident, believing that this will simply be enough to give their partner a lot of pleasure, and this is not always the case. Penetration can become repetitive if it goes on for too long, so foreplay is an extremely useful tool to bring variety to sexual encounters.

If you are a person with a small penis, you can use this to your advantage, as oral sex may bring more pleasure to some women than penetration itself, and there are a variety of positions that will allow you to make sex much more fun.

Oral sex is crucial within relationships, but for small penises it is essential.

Best sex positions for men with small penises

If you are really interested in moving on to penetration, there are a number of positions that will be convenient for you as they will allow the incorporation of toys or punctual techniques.

Doggy style. 

It is one of the classic sexual positions and will be of great help since it will allow you to regulate on your own the intensity and depth of penetration. At the same time, it has some variants that allow you to use pelvic movements stimulating the female G-spot and vaginal walls through rotations and circular rhythms.

Sex toys, rubbing the penis inside and varying the rhythms will be of great help. This is a basic position usually used by escorts and will guarantee you both a lot of pleasure.

Her on top. 

Giving your partner control will allow her to regulate the intensity of the sexual act in her own way and she will be able to determine in which particular way she finds penetration more pleasurable. Regardless of the size of your member, it will be able to fully enter the vagina and the girl will be able to make a variety of movements to ensure that it stimulates her properly.

The false act. 

This is similar to the missionary, however, it dispenses with direct penetration and opts for clitoral stimulation using the penis. It is important to remember that this area is the most sensitive of the entire female body, so, despite not penetrating the vagina, you can still provide great amounts of pleasure.

If, despite the recommendations, you are unable to find the ideal position, you can count on the services of London escorts. These ladies are specialists in the sexual arts and will provide you with all their experience and advice so that you can enjoy sex much more and get rid of all your insecurities about it.

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