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Bisexual escorts with luxury attention to couples

People tend to believe that the only role of escorts in official monogamous relationships is to explore new sides of sexuality through the request for threesomes or duplexes, however, actually in our experience as an agency dedicated to the pleasure of clients, adapting to the needs of each person, we have discovered that there are many more utilities than society perceives when hiring the services of an escort.

In relation to the above, sex professionals fulfill an extremely important job when relationships start to get bored of maintaining normal relationships. When people do not make an effort to improve or innovate in bed, it is common that the spark starts to fade and therefore, sexuality in couples is not enjoyed in the same way.

For this reason, our escorts at Theory Love Escort do everything possible to ensure that boyfriends and husbands can awaken their creativity and stimulate again the libido and curiosity between the two, so below, we will address a little more about this aspect and we will explain exactly how this works.

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Sexual encounter with your partner and one of our escorts

Although we mentioned before that the couple service is not specifically about a threesome, many situations similar to it can be generated, so it is important that this is a consensual decision by both of you and that you keep an open mind about it.

It is important that your girl expresses freely and exactly what she expects, what she wants the escort to do, what she does not want, and in general terms, what her expectations are. In this section you could also address how she should look so that you find the right one that suits both of your preferences.

In this process a sufficiently extensive talk will be addressed in which both can understand that this is a process free of jealousy and feelings and that the only objective is to seek the maximum pleasure and satisfaction possible.

We help you to find a professional escort for a threesome with your partner.

Whether it is a threesome or not, we will provide you with a personalized customer service in which you can tell us about your condition, what you need and the fundamental requirements for both you and your partner, so that we can find the ideal escort for you.

Remember that in our agency your pleasure is the priority, so we guarantee to find the ideal girl to fulfill each of your fantasies or solve your problems in bed through counseling.

Tips to ensure that the service for couples and our escort goes well

If this is the first time you will access this kind of service with an escort and you are not very familiar or nervous about it, we will mention the most important recommendations to take into account so that this kind of experience is given in the best possible way.

Keep an open mind and if something is not as expected, laugh. It’s a great way to relax and lose your nerves, mistakes or misunderstandings in bed are very common and more so when other people join in, so don’t feel bad if something doesn’t turn out as you expected.

Be clear exactly what you want and that there are no feelings involved, it is the best way to avoid confusion after the experience and not have any drastic change in your cohabitation, communication is the best tool.

Remember at all times that the professional is providing a service and that it is only sex, there are no feelings involved or falling in love, the only objective is pleasure.

There are certain practices that are limited only to the couple, so you must communicate it in advance to the escort, whether it is a hug, kiss or specific words, you must organize the threesome or therapy for couples with enough time in advance so that everything goes as planned and there are no major misunderstandings.