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Questions You Need To Ask Before Having Sex With Your Chosen cif Escorts in London

Your age or background doesn’t matter when you’re with a hot cif escorting London that you always dreamed about. Now you’re ready to jump in bed with her however here are some important questions you need to make before starting your fun under the bedsheets.

Are you having sex for one night or a relationship ?

Goes without saying that both parties should be at consent while deciding to have sex. However, the way you think of sex may not be the same for your chosen cif escorts London. Your chosen companion may think of you as a fantastic one nightstand however you on the other side may want something more of a long run. The same thing goes for your chosen London escort. She may want a long term relationship with you if you’re good in bed etc, therefore you need to make her understand that you’re only here to have sex with her and not get in a relationship. It’s always a good practice to experience some fantastic moments with one of these girls whenever you get in a fight with your partner. And if you’re tired of relationships we can assure you that a sexy night with one of our cif escorts London never ends up as a relationship. Starting for 150pounds / hour we are sure that you will have the most fun you ever had with a woman.

What do you like about sex and what not?

Sex brings people together and both partners should feel comfortable while doing it. Sex is about having fun and not about being put into uncomfortable positions. It’s crucial for you to tell your chosen cif escorts London what you like and what you don’t like before you start your encounter. Only you know what brings you enjoyment and makes you happy and what worries you and makes you feel uncomfortable. An escort is there for you and it’s best for you to not be shy and worried as long as you’re with them. 

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Do you have a condom?

If you or she doesn’t have a condom, you should never commit to sex with cif escorts London. However, girls working for us are very professional and they are always ready and prepared for sex.
We understand that you may not want a condom however, its the safest and most fun way of having sex without having to worry about anything else. You don’t need to be shy or think that’s a silly question. Doesn’t matter whether you or your chosen London escort want to make sex without a condom. We advise you to always be safe. STD and accidental pregnancies are not to be taken lightly. As studies show the average age for girls to have sexually transmitted diseases it’s between 30 and 40 years old. And goes without saying that there are plenty of escorts of that age. Even though escorts test themself frequently due to their job you should not take any unnecessary risk.

Does being married have anything to do with you being here?

It may sound uncomfortable for you to speak out what’s wrong with your marriage. However, keep in mind that this is a safe environment, and escorts are willing to do whatever it takes to release you from that built up stress. Sometimes cif escorts London aren’t only good at sex but also hearing you and your problems. Also, escorts won’t attempt to make personal relationships with you if you’re married. Even if you’re in a relationship or just split with your ex you could discuss this with your chosen London escort. They are very good at listening to your everyday problems. Theory Love escort agency, escorts are well-educated and will always make you feel comfortable. We are selective in our picks so you will never get to experience any awkward moment with them.

What if we don’t satisfy each other? 

London escorts will leave instantly after your time finishes so take nothing personally. She will let you know whether or not she’s satisfied or whether you had a great time. If you had an emotional connection with them then too bad because you may never see them again. Those girls travel a lot and meet new people every day.

If you never ever satisfy each other again, what will occur?

– in fact that’s a question that you need to ask yourself. Think of that you get connected to that specific girl from London escorts, because you truly fancy her. After she has actually done her job and the reservation has finished she will rush out from your apartment or condo. But can you take it and how are you going to feel afterward. It is not worth it having a one night stand for cash if such a brief affair with London escorts will injure you.