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Categories of Escorts most searched by Clients

Ever wondered which categories are most popular for female  Escort models? Want to find out how they vary across the amount of Clients on Theory Love Escort or find your next favorite niche? Read on to get insights on the categories users can’t get enough of. 

There are nearly 70 categories available for female models on Theory Love Escort, from deepthroat to pantyhose, BDSM and tattoos. Ever wondered which categories stand out as favorites among Theory Love Escort users? Let’s dive into which niches catch the eye of sex world fans worldwide and how these categories vary from country to country.

Will you share a few favorite categories with sex lovers? Let’s work up to the #1 category for female Escorts.

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The 5th most popular category for london escorts models worldwide is Latina, with 9% of Theory Love Escort users making this niche their selection of choice for the best girls they all see in all his life. We can’t blame them,  who can resist the Latina heat that female models bring to their hot performances in bed? It’s no wonder this category made the top 5.

Interestingly enough, the Latina category actually ranks in 4th position across 3 of the biggest Theory Love Escort countries tourists: United States users, United Kingdom fans, and German fanatics made Latina girls their 4th favorite

In the United States, the category makes up 10% of category selections. In France, Latina follows worldwide trends and falls in 5th position for 8% of French users.


Although BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism) stands in 4th position as the most popular category on Theory Love Escort , its position varies wildly across other countries’ tourists.

Worldwide, 9% of users prefer BDSM as their top escort girl category. However, it falls to 5th position in the UK, with only 8% of users exploring the niche while browsing the Theory Love Escort platform.


Caucasian girls are popular with Theory Love Escort users! White escort girls seem to be catching sex lovers’ fans’ eyes across the world. Standing in 3rd position, the category holds 9% of user preferences internationally.

Surprisingly enough, it doesn’t make the list in Germany tourists. It seems German fans prefer different kinds of escort female models! In France, however, Caucasian stands in 4th position. 12% of French Theory Love Escort  fans picked this category as their favorite!

In the US tourist, Caucasian climbs to the 2nd position as the most popular category. In the UK, on the other hand, it falls into 3rd position. As the US tourist boasts a more diverse population, it might explain why more fans prefer to explore caucasian cam models. In Europe, with a higher concentration of Caucasian people, there’s a high chance users might want to discover something different!

 Teen 18+

It’s no secret that Teen 18+ female models are definite fan favorites. They’re petite, sweet, and innocent, and Theory Love Escort users can’t get enough of them. Can you blame them? Standing as the 2nd most popular category worldwide, 11% of fans picked teen 18+ as their niche of choice.

In both France and the UK tourist, it also falls in 2nd position with 16% and 14% of user selection respectively. In Germany, 10% of fans made teen 18+ models their favorite category, and the niche stands in 3rd position.

Can you guess which position it holds in the US? We certainly didn’t expect the answer: teen 18+ actually falls in the last position, with only 10% of users exploring this niche! It seems American users have different preferences than European fans.


That’s right: Turkish female models are the #1 most popular category across Theory Love Escort worldwide! With over 29% of user selection, it’s not even close to losing the top spot. Coincidentally, Turkish is also the most popular category in the US for over 23% of American fans.

It’s also the #1 most popular category in the UK, Germany, and France tourists. In each tourist, over 20% of users prefer the Turkish category as their top pick. There’s just no denying that Turkish female models have something unique that catches the fans’ attention! Do you share their preference?