COB Escorts in London

What are COB escorts in London

On all the services escorts in London have, COB is always on it because of its one of the main things that a man wants after a rough sex night. COB escorts in London are the type of girls that won’t say no to your cum on their boobs, in fact, they will be really happy if you load it on them. The girls that have COB on their services are mostly open-minded and like to try new things without borders that will keep you surrounded. It is nice to have a girl that does the service you like but it would be better if they had a lot more in their bag. COB escorts have a lot of them and you can choose from so just pick the ones you like without a second thought.

Learn about COB

One of the most loved finishes of the sex act is COB and that is studied in our industry because every man that came in here asked for this service. This started in Europe and continued to spread all across the world. Everything it’s based on the bond of intimacy that the man and wife shared at that time but in the modern era, there is no need for these “marriages” you may find the perfect girl that would want your cum on her boobs just for the fun of it. COB escorts in London can make your life easier if you want them too.

Best COB companions

The best COB escorts in London that you may find are in here all spread on different streets and getting ready for a call. Out or In they will be always okay with it as long as you treat them with delicacy and culture. Expect to get the same treatment back from these beauties that will milk your cock all night for that fresh cum.

Why choose Theory Love Escort Agency

Choosing our agency means that a gentleman like you has a refined taste when it comes to choosing something. After choosing us the ball goes to the other side so you can choose one of the 90 escorts that we have available for your pleasure. It doesn’t matter if you choose the blonde or the brunette both of them will do justice to your filled balls. COB escorts in London are naughty girls that will take you by the hand and show you some secret places that only they know about it.

Book our models

By bringing to you the best COB escorts in London we assure ourselves a lot of bookings and great reviews that come from our clients. This means that we as an agency are worried about the clients we get and we like to make them as happy as we can. Don’t waste more time but search on the gallery and pick your preferred pair of boobs so you can “water” them after the sex session hopefully they will get larger, who knows?