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Confessions of escorts about their services

We are often curious about the escorts’ opinion about their services? Although they all work voluntarily and most of them love their job very much, there must always be those little things they don’t talk about, so today we have decided to unearth those opinions and listen to them, as well as show them to you to satisfy your curiosity.

As one of the most prestigious escort agencies in all of London, we are keen to keep our girls happy and hear about their complaints, so we have asked several of them what their constant opinions are and have come up with some recurring themes that we are going to expose to you below.

London Escort, young smiling girl wearing short jean, a grey top and red lipstick while posing for the camera in front of a yellow wall.

They like their clients to be groomed

We imagine that this is a general taste that anyone could have, since we would not like to meet an escort who is not clean, so they do not like to meet extremely dirty men either. To be a bit more specific, they told us that a little sweat is never a problem, it can even be exciting to have sweated together and have a hot session. But there are times when clients haven’t showered all day and it’s not totally pleasant, adding to the fact that it can encourage the contraction of infections of any kind. 

So they recommend that if you are going to meet them, at least make sure you have taken a bath in the last 24 hours. Otherwise, they will love them no matter how they come and whatever presentation they are in.

They LOVE gifts and attention

Let’s be clear, who in their right mind doesn’t love gifts, even small ones? Escorts are not spared from having this little guilty pleasure, and many reveal that their favorite clients don’t have to be men with a lot of money or who go to great lengths, but even a small sweet or a trip to a café is enough to melt her heart. So if you are dating an escort consistently and would like to be her regular client, girls recommend that you give even a small gift.

Also girls love the client’s interest and attention. They already go to great lengths to gain their attention and make them enjoy it, so being attentive and really showing that you are enjoying the service for them is more than enough to make them happy. So, consider it on your next date with your favorite escort.

They don’t like rude customers

The girls will always prefer the client who is a gentleman and who, in spite of being serious, has respect and consideration for them, to the person who treats them with insults and with bad hands, so this comment is to be expected. Many times we make it clear to our girls that mistreatment is not accepted in this agency, but there are many ways to treat a person badly without suspending the service.

So if you are a frequent client of escort services, it is an ideal time to remind you to treat them with respect and affection so that they can offer their service without discomfort. Remember, they want to see you happy, the least you can do is to treat them with a little respect so that both of you are happy during the service.

They have more discussions about condom use than they would like to have

In our agency our priority is to take care of both our escorts and our clients, so we opt for measures that take care of the integrity of both. In this case, the girls are not allowed to offer services without a condom. And many unscrupulous clients even offer more money to enjoy this, while our girls refuse for obvious reasons. However, it does not prevent them from constantly being forced to have the same discussion, and there has even been suspension of the service if the client becomes aggressive about it.

We must remember that escorts are not prostitutes, they offer quality services. And in order to maintain it, there must be rules.