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Cuckolding: Sexual Practice in Couple

In recent times, people have overcome many stigmas and taboos about sexual matters, which has allowed a greater reciprocity on the subject, thus favoring a greater diversity in terms of erotic practices and creating trends that are always aimed at obtaining higher levels of satisfaction.

In this article, the subject of interest will be cuckolding, an erotic art that has become very popular lately. Therefore, we will provide you with all the necessary information so that you can enjoy it.

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What is Cuckolding?

Cuckolding can be confused with infidelity as it consists of watching your partner having sex with a third person outside the relationship, however, the big difference between one thing and the other is the consent and prior communication to ensure that this sexual practice is to everyone’s liking and can generate pleasure for both the viewer and those involved in sex.

This new form of intimacy has become extremely popular as it allows for the rediscovery and exploration of unusual sides of sexuality.

Origin and History of the Term

This word comes from the term “cuckold”, used in medieval times to refer to a man who suffered infidelity on the part of his wife. However, nowadays it has been given a similar connotation with a less negative approach, so that cuckolding refers to a free and consensual practice, where people can enjoy a different approach to sexuality, free from the traditional stigmas that have affected us socially for so long.

Motivations and Reasons

Cuckolding can be presented in various forms and contexts. It can be used for the simple fact of liking to see our partner maintain intimacy with a person outside the relationship, for which you can hire the services of an escort, a professional in the sexual arts that will ensure new levels of satisfaction for the person involved and great pleasure to the viewer.

It can also be performed under a sense of humiliation and consensual domination typical of BDSM, the point, after all, is that both people can enjoy the experience.

There are both male and female escorts who offer their services to carry out this type of experience and have a great knowledge in this regard to make it to everyone’s liking, providing a unique sensation in every way.

Tips to Practice Cuckolding in a Responsible Way

As we have mentioned on several occasions, the most important thing within the cuckolding is to ensure the satisfaction of all involved, and for this you can count on the service of professionals specialized in it, however, you must also abide by the following recommendations.

Open and Honest Communication: 

It is important that you talk to your partner sincerely and explicitly about what your expectations, insecurities and main fears are so that they can act accordingly and not be disappointed in the process.

Set Clear Boundaries: 

Clearly not everything can be to the couple’s liking, for that reason it is essential to establish certain limits and clear rules that should not be crossed in order to maintain a healthy coexistence and a great experience.

Searching for the Right Person: 

This is where the aforementioned professionals come into play, who will provide the discretion, capacity and sufficient attention so that everyone can enjoy cuckolding. Don’t hesitate to rely on the services of an escort.

Prioritize Safety: 

When being intimate with a person outside of the relationship it is imperative that everyone has the preventative measures in place to avoid transmission of STDs or other infections.

Respect and Consent: 

The escort must specify what his or her limits are, if any, and the couple must treat the professional politely and respectfully, he or she is still a person.

Ideal environment: 

One of the last recommendations is to get the ideal place for this practice, where you have enough space and privacy to develop freely and without worries.

If you are looking to practice this, you can always opt for a Theory Love Escort to help you do it for the first time.