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Differences between fetishes and paraphilias

In a world where sexual fixations for things outside what we once considered conventional have become fashionable, it is common that at some point we start to worry about our mental and sexual health and think that our tastes are not normal.

Thus, a confusion arises between the terms fetish and paraphilia, and if you don’t have enough knowledge, you may confuse one concept with the other and end up thinking that you are in a very bad situation. For this reason, in this article we will provide you with a series of tips and information so you can learn to analyze yourself and determine more easily when it is one thing or the other.

Read on to learn the differences!

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What are fetishes?

It is not a secret to anyone that lately fetishes have become very common and we have adopted this word as a common and normal expression in our vocabulary, however, it is important to note that this term actually refers to the fixation or sexual desire for an object, body part or inanimate preference as a source of desire and pleasure.

One of the main characteristics of fetishism is that it becomes the center of morbidity for the person, an infallible key piece to produce the excitement itself and to have great sexual relations.

By normalizing these words, we can find that people use the concept of “fetish” to refer to role playing or unusual or conventional practices within traditional relationships, therefore, it is important to note at this point, that a minor and consensual fetish, does not really imply a serious problem or is not something to worry about.

What we should be concerned about are intrusive thoughts that involve submission, disability or abuse of others as a source of pleasure, not minor behaviors that may fit within more innovative relationships.

What are paraphilias?

The main conflict regarding both definitions is that paraphilias are also considered a sexual deviation, a fixation on something that is out of the ordinary.

However, the fundamental difference lies in the nature of both attractions. If you feel irrepressible, intense and recurrent desires for practices that involve physical harm or complete immobilization of a person, you may be within the range of practices that are unsuitable for a partner.

When determining this, a simple example is to ask the following question: Would or should an escort really be able to or should she comply with these types of requests?

How to identify a paraphilia?

If, in spite of the explanation we have provided above, you find it difficult to differentiate between the two terms and are still troubled by them, we will provide you with a series of basic characteristics to distinguish a paraphilia from a fetish.

The use of inappropriate partners to arouse sexual desire in you, be it a disabled person, an elderly person, a minor or someone who has not given you consent.

That your fixation has become the center of your sex life and that you cannot feel arousal when it is not present, whether it is unusually intense violence or unusual practices.

That you may notice a distancing from people after you have commented on or complied with the main reason for your arousal.

If, in addition to the above, you notice any drastic change in the way you relate to people or have sex, you are probably dealing with a paraphilia.

Differences between fetishes and paraphilias

So, we could say that fundamentally, a fetish never goes against morally established norms, it does not threaten health and it is simply related to unusual practices, while paraphilias can generate rejection and even escorts would be unable to comply.


If you have an unusual fixation or for a specific practice, surely an escort from Theory Love Escorts can fulfill it as long as it does not threaten your physical or mental integrity. Among these, threesomes, anal sex, role playing, foot or other body parts, so do not be afraid to ask for this kind of service.