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Does sexual desire increase in spring?

With the arrival of spring it is known that the libido increases, why? The reason is still a mystery, but it is true, it is said that there are multiple environmental factors that make our sexual desire increase during some specific seasons of the year, and we are today to find out why, and what you can do with this springtime horniness. 

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Seasons affect libido

We humans, like any other type of animal other than ourselves, and even plants, are directly influenced based on how much light our body receives based on each season. So our sexual cycle will be changing in winter, fall, summer or spring, just in different ways. 

Usually in autumn you may notice that you get incredibly hungry and you also tend to feel sleepier, we at our escort agency can also perceive which are the months when guys use our services the most, although it is usually constant due to the great quality offered at Theory Love Escort.

What tends to happen with spring and its development on the human body, is that there is a greater amount of light that hits us directly and the milder temperatures make this time preferable to start having sex. So yes, spring directly affects our sexual state. 

Factors that make spring more sensual

Longer days

You may have noticed this, but usually in the spring there are many more hours of sunshine than in the other seasons. So it encourages the production of serotonin in our body, which is responsible for putting us in a better mood and through this we can feel much more willing to have sex than at other times. 

Softer temperature

No one wants to have sex while extremely hot or extremely cold, usually the extremes are not our favorite but they tend to be the ones we see the most in areas like London. So spring is perfect as the temperature calibrates and you are more sociable and don’t suffer from either of these two temperatures to the extreme. 

Sex is also encouraged because we are usually in very heavy and cold clothes, whereas in spring we wear cooler clothes and the girls wear beautiful dresses that leave little to the imagination, which causes many of us to be much more aroused to hire an escort from Theory Love Escort to tear it up for a quickie in a hotel room. 

Scents in the air

During springtime we see the flowers and trees blooming with their beautiful colors, and believe it or not, their scent, which is constantly mixed with the pheromones of some plants, tends to affect us directly, making our libido increase. 


Food also has a direct effect on our organism, and yes, it can also have to do with our sexual desire. Usually in these climates we tend to seek the consumption of fruits that stimulate libido. Foods such as avocado, figs, bananas and strawberries tend to be responsible for boosting sexual energy. 

And strawberries taste much tastier with a little whipped cream on the tits of one of our Theory Love Escort, just in case you ever want to try the idea. 

Trips, walks and outdoor dating

You will be surrounded by sociable people, who will invite you to outdoor places, dates and getaways for two, imagine taking advantage of this company to be able to unwrap your sexual skills that will lead you directly to want to have a little furtive encounter with an escort. 

In fact, you can also take your escort to these kinds of activities, you can always take a little getaway with her to a park to take advantage of the air and fill yourself with all this positivism that surrounds us during the spring. 

If you liked the reasons why spring increases libido, you will like even more the girls that are available for you on our website. Let yourself go this spring, and hire a girl who will give you a good time in private.