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Dominance fetishes with tall Escorts

Women have usually been preferred in bed to be submissive, or not daring enough since that role is fulfilled by men, but not all of us have these particular tastes and some of us see very well the fact that they submit us, make us theirs, because sometimes it is also tiring to always have the role of macho and they the role of weak. 

Women are not passive by nature, there are many who really feel the great need to be in control in bed, like the tall girls we offer at Theory Love Escort who have an unquenchable thirst and stay active during the whole process of sex. If you are someone who really enjoys looking dominated and feeling small, then these women will really have an effect on you. 

Whether you have already tried it or you are new to the term, this article will help you to have information about the Femdom services offered at Theory Love Escort.

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Femdom: what is ‘female domination’?

Femdom or mascdom practices are part of BDSM, which is an acronym for bondage/discipline/domination and submission, as well as sadism and masochism. So you can get an idea of what Femdom is all about. In this case, the woman is the dominant entity that carries out the session from the beginning to the end, being the man the passive one in this case and who takes the whole thing. 

Of course, this practice is specified only in the sexual aspect if that is what the client wants, because the intention is that he feels comfortable and above all that this practice is carried out in a consensual way between both people. 

For some people it tends to be novel, since it is a quite drastic change of roles that most of the time goes well, especially if you have a sex professional as you can find them in Theory Love Escort, where they have no prejudices, labels or taboos to which to respond. Everything that happens on a date with one of these girls stays inside the date and cannot be exposed to the outside. So why not give it a try? 

Exploring roles and fetishes

The Femdom as such doesn’t just stay in that concept, it has a wide variety of roles, fetishes and different types of activities, so you can have unlimited versions of what you want to do, everything is based here on the client’s experimentation so don’t feel limited to ask and ask. 

Different types of dynamics can go, either sensual seductress, strict caregiver or sadistic mistress, you decide which one fits your fantasy the most and these beautiful experienced women will carry it out. It is also worth mentioning that there are different levels, from beginners to advanced, so you have to be careful what you ask for. 

It is essential to understand that Femdom also has objects that can be used during the practice and that can intensify pain and pleasure if that is what you are looking for. For example, you can perform penetration to the man with harnesses, or start with anal adapters that also stimulate the man’s G-spot. Or handcuffs, bondage straps (tying the body in specific ways), special candles, and much much more. Everything is extremely varied and you can try it all as long as you have the stamina to do it. 

Remember that this type of practice is extremely important to be performed by professionals as it may cause some extreme physical responses. And that Theory Love Escort girls are very open to this experimentation. 

We have set out to give you only quality, there is a wide variety of girls with Femdom service and with many types of bodies and features, if you are specifically looking for any type such as a tall slim woman or tall and big, then you are in the right agency.