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Dominant and tall girls at Theory Love Escort

Within the sexual sphere there are a great variety of preferences that make this aspect one of the most diverse sides of our lives and with a greater amount of things to explore and discover. Everyone has different tastes, that’s a fact, however, there are some preferences that are more widespread than others, and lately, tall women who show dominance during intimacy have become a trend.

Having got rid of a great variety of social stigmas has allowed us to be more sincere about our particular sexual tastes and desires, so certain fantasies, fetishes or specific fixations have spread with great speed, among which female domination stands out.

The aforementioned, in many occasions, can be directly associated with the BDSM discipline, which has also been exposed to the public light with greater notoriety in recent times and it could be said that it is booming. 

If you want to know more about this topic, keep reading this article and do not miss any details, we will discuss everything you need to know so you can get that woman with the characteristics we have previously mentioned and you can have an intimate date better than any other.

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Tall and dominant girls

As we told you recently, tall girls who show a clear dominance over the man during sexual encounters have come into boom, they are the trend lately, and this is mainly due to the fact that people are constantly rediscovering their sexuality, and even more so in the current times, in which it is common that we can talk in a more open way about eroticism without being questioned.

People have discovered the sensual in aspects that we previously considered unusual, such as being dominated by a female, so that this idea is now shown as an extremely exciting event and ultimately represents an experience that any man would like to live at least once in his life.

Female dominance can be expressed in a variety of ways, largely derived from BDSM, a discipline that has also gained notoriety in recent times. The act of dominating the man can take place through submission, gagging with blindfolds and ropes, or by employing certain sexual positions that allow the woman to take control most of the time.

It is a different way of having sex which people should experience at least once, it is an opportunity to discover tastes that had been hidden behind a series of convictions and social stigmas that do not allow us to explore with greater freedom our most perverse side.


This discipline is called “Bondage; Discipline and Domination; Submission and Sadism; and Masochism”, and basically refers to a series of practices in which pain and unconventional positions can be used as a source of pleasure during sexual relations.

It clearly goes beyond conventional intimacy and seeks to expand the possibilities through playing with the physical integrity of our partner. In general, there are a wide variety of escorts that offer services exclusively based on BDSM, which have extensive experience and knowledge that will allow you to enjoy this discipline with all due care and caution.

Where to get these girls?

If you are interested in living the experience that we have mentioned several times, then we invite you to investigate in our web pages, an online agency, since you will be able to find a great variety of women from all over London, among which, without any doubt, you will be able to find a girl that adapts perfectly to the characteristics previously mentioned.

In our agency we put at your disposal all the necessary information and contact details so that you can communicate easily and quickly with the escort of your interest, where you will discover that these girls are completely willing to make you discover new levels of pleasure.