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Elite Escorts in Mayfair, London

Escort services are not only limited to the sexual services that one might consider to be proper to these girls, the subject goes much further, as these girls are specialized for different escort services. From escorting you to events, to dating and even pretending to be your partner for a certain period of time, you can get all this and more from Elite Mayfair escorts. 

You may have heard about this service before, it is quite common compared to the others and we can see it even in the movies. But in real life, it clearly has a lot more seriousness around it. The girl is very much in the role, and you can rent her either for hours, for a whole day or even for several days. Depending on what your needs are. 

Among the particularities of the Elite Escorts service that we offer at Theory Love Escort we can highlight these:

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Attention to details

Once you have ordered the Elite Escorts service, it is specified that you can give a context to the escort in case you need the service in front of other people, that is, out of the personal. So that in case of external questions you can have a safe back up from the girl. 

Or if you want to be alone but still have a story to tell, you can also do it and explain to the escort what you are looking for. Or you can simply make everything flow little by little, escorts being a service that requires the emotional attention of the client more than anything else striving to make you feel comfortable and really loved. 

They get emotionally involved

Many of the people who require this service feel lonely and want someone to pay attention to them, so Theory Love Escort escorts will be there to listen to you and give you advice on what you want, do not worry about saturating it with information, this will not happen. 

They will cry, laugh and be with you in the time frame you have chosen.

Sex will not be lacking

We want to make it clear that the fact that this is a service that also cares about your emotional stability and giving you affection, as well as fulfilling a social role, does not mean that sex will be under the table. All the sex you want will be available, and better, because there will be a previous bond that could make it much more intense and enjoyable for you. 

Imagine having a star sex partner, where you can enjoy a soft and loving session with lots of kissing and then unleash and make you feel like in a porn movie. The advantages are high, you just have to take advantage of them and hire one of these girls. 

Practically no limitations

The only limitation that we could consider valid for this type of services, is the fact that sex can not be without a condom, and this is to give security to it and the escort, otherwise, you are free to do with the escort what you want as long as it is within the legalities of the country.

And don’t worry about when she has to leave, the professional girls of Theory Love Escort know well how to bring the issue up so that it is not uncomfortable for you or for her and so that you don’t feel that everything was a farce in the end. As we mentioned before, the girls who work with us are true professionals who will always know how to approach it to avoid complications. De-stress yourself from misunderstandings and so on, we have everything covered from the moment you message us. 

If you want to know more about this service and how you can get it as soon as possible to your satisfaction, go to our main page and you will have all the information you need. Also, our email will always be available to answer all your questions about the service.