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Erection problems: what to do when you can’t get it up

Being men, within the sexual sphere there can be a great variety of insecurities that affect our performance, whether it is the size of our penis, how long we are able to hold it before ejaculating or our physique.

However, one of the problems that plagues a large part of the population is the difficulty in getting an erection. Whether over a period of time, due to stress, or due to a chronic condition, this is an inconvenience that afflicts a considerable part of men.

If you continue reading, we will provide you with all the relevant information about it and the alternatives to which you can access to solve this problem.

erection issues

Erection problems

Erection is one of the indispensable requirements to be able to perform penetration. Having an erect penis is essential to be able to have satisfactory sexual intercourse, and usually this is not a problem thanks to foreplay.

However, there are people whose inconvenience lies in the fact that despite being stimulated in advance, they are not able to achieve this blood circulation in the member, and unfortunately, it is a larger amount than we might think.

Erection problems can be due to a great variety of reasons, however, it can represent a serious problem for our sexual life if this is extended in time or perpetually. 

Possible causes of erection problems

As we mentioned, there is no single reason why a man has erection problems, we will now delve into this aspect so that you can determine exactly what is the reason that ails you.

There are a great variety of diseases that, even though they are not directly related to the penis, their consequences can be unfavorable for obtaining an erection. Among these, we can highlight: depression, high blood pressure, heart conditions, diabetes or disorders that affect the nervous system.

However, this is not as simple as it seems, certain habits or conditions may be affecting your ability to obtain erections and you did not know it yet, such as the abuse of narcotic vices, low testosterone levels which can also reduce libido, or some direct damage in one of the nerve endings related to the penis.

Emotional problems that can cause erection problems

In addition to the above, our state of mind is one of the main factors responsible for erections. If you are not able to concentrate on the morbidness of the moment, you will not be able to get a strong enough erection.

Having high expectations of the sexual encounter: 

If you are going to meet a london escort for the first time, you may be overloaded with stress from the tension and expectations beforehand, and in the end, you may not be able to relax enough to maintain an erection over time. These ladies are professionals at breaking the tension and making sure that your body is in the right condition to enjoy the service.

When there are feelings of doubt or failure: 

If you feel that you won’t be able to fully enjoy the service or satisfy your partner, this can end up planting a sense of doubt in you that will end up affecting your libido and won’t allow you to enjoy your encounter.

How to solve erection problems

You should know that there will be a solution directly associated with the cause for which you can not maintain an erection, whether physical, emotional or environmental circumstances.

However, if the reasons why you have this sexual impossibility are emotional or sentimental, you could leave your problems in the hands of a trained and luxurious escort from Theory Love Escort and she will make sure to get rid of them so that no matter how you feel, you can enjoy the moment.

These are women with extensive sexual experience and therefore, they are knowledgeable enough to tackle many of the problems, doubts and insecurities that plague you so that you can learn to enjoy a sex life without taboos and restrictions.