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Escort Dictionary: The terms you don’t understand

In this particular article we will not talk about specific situations with escorts from our agency Theory Love Escort or the way to act in different events or services, much less about the most important recommendations or tips to have satisfactory sexual relations, but about another extremely important aspect that you will have found in practically all the escort agencies you visit and that may be very confusing for you.

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In the world of escorts, terms and abbreviations are used for practically everything, either names such as bareback blowjob, black kiss or Singapore kiss, or abbreviations such as GFE, HEF, BDSM, among many others, which, if you are a novice, you may not know or do not know for sure what their conditions are.

For this reason, we offer you this reading as a guide or dictionary so you can discover what are the most recurrent terms that you can find in this type of pages and websites.


These are the acronyms that refer to one of the many physical stereotypes that can be found in the world of escorts and pornography in general. BBW refers to “Big Beautiful Woman”, whose translation is “Big Beautiful Woman”, to refer to those women who despite having a weight above the average, are still extremely attractive and maintain a morbid appearance.


You are probably familiar with these as it is a fairly representative discipline, however, you may have trouble remembering the full name, which is “Body Domination and Sadomasochism”. In everyday language it is also known as sadomasochism, however, to reduce it simply to this is a mistake since this is only one of the aspects that includes sex oriented in this way.

It is a way of having unconventional sexual relations and in our agency you will be able to find a great variety of women specialized in this discipline, which will allow you to introduce yourself to it or put their body at your service with the respective security measures.


This refers to the Girlfriend Experience, a type of service which dispenses with the sexual and seeks to establish a link more romantic than erotic, in which the escort will offer her services as a temporary girlfriend for the client, which should ensure their lack of affection, attention and companionship, seeking that it is satisfied at all times.

This type of work is also usually requested for the escort to accompany the client to important events in which it is essential that this go with a dazzling and extremely beautiful female presence that will help to draw attention and have a better image.


It is simply a way of referring to the fees charged by escorts.


This is one of the terms that can cause more confusion, HEF is the acronym of the expression “until the end”, which refers to a specific way of providing the service of bareback blowjob or oral sex, which, in addition, will lead to a different rate because it is a special kind of service.


This is the most controversial term of recent times which has become increasingly popular thanks to the attention it tends to attract among older men. It is the abbreviation of the phrase “Mother I’d Like to Fuck” and refers to those women over 40 who have great sexual initiative and usually dominate or lead the pace of relationships, who also usually have great experience in bed.


This is the name given to the Pornstar Experience, a type of service in which the escort seeks to learn and study the gestures, sounds and movements of a specific porn actress of your liking so that she can provide you with an experience similar to being with her in bed.

As you can notice, at Theory Love Escort agency we use a lot of endings and acronyms to express ourselves more easily about specific practices. If you still don’t know any of them, you can contact our technical service for guidance.