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Events where you can request the services of an Escort

People are usually used to having a vision of escorts focused on sex only, which is far from what these experienced escort girls usually present in the area of companionship. In case you are interested in an escort outside of sex, you are in the right place. As long as you hire an escort agency like Theory Love Escort, you will always go with an outstanding quality service.

Escorts can accompany you anywhere you can think of, really anything, but if you are wondering about some particular situations they can be in, today we will give you a small compilation of what our girls usually attend.

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Particular parties

If you have a party of a friend, acquaintance, or just one of those meetings where you don’t even know who the host is but you don’t want to go totally alone, you can hire a London Escort to support you and also have someone to flirt with a little during the whole process. 

Don’t be scared, all the girls are experts at blending in, so no one will know you hired an escort if that is a possible concern you have. The girls are also one of those extremely sociable ones who try to show you a good time, so expect to laugh at their natural charisma and their particular ways of making every place a good experience no matter what. After all, this is their job, to make life or experience much less of a chore. 

Important business events

If you have an important situation at work, or in fact, you are here in London exactly to attend it but don’t have an appointment to go with, you can always sort it out with Theory Love Escort girls who are the epitome of sophistication. Forget about knowing that you are with an escort, these girls actually change their personality completely to suit your needs. Just remember to let her know what the intention of the event is, what the dress code is, and if she has a specific role to fulfill so that she can go in ready with this in her head.

Many times Theory Love Escort girls have to fill a particular role and they do it in a calm and solid way, in fact, they are excellent if you are a nervous person who has to make business connections and doesn’t know how to start conversations. They know how to engage people in a polite and charismatic way, you hardly notice their intention. You trust them, and give them a try. 

Bachelor parties

If you want to spice up your own bachelor party, or make a friend’s night more enjoyable, many of the London Escorts at Theory Love Escort are experts in different types of games and pole dancing to give a whole show to a small group of people.

You can also hire them to serve at the party, that is, to socialize and talk to the bachelor’s friends or to get the party moving if there is no one right-handed to keep the atmosphere pleasant. 

Special dates like Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

If you are a lonely person or just haven’t had the time to look for someone to spend the special dates with, many Escorts have the same problem and spend the special days offering their services to share with those same people who share the sentiment. So forget about another Valentine’s Day without plans, you already have them.

Also on more serious dates like Christmas and New Year, there are also Theory Love Escort girls available to make you feel accompanied and with a little bit of special Christmas spirit. 

These are just some of the services offered by London Escorts, if you have another situation where you need one of these girls it’s just a matter of asking and scheduling your appointment for the day you need it.