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Favorite Clients, how to be what an escort wants

Just as parents have their favorite children and there are award-winning workers in companies, escorts have favorite clients who ask for their services. Maybe they don’t say it, but the service may be a little different with them and this has a particular reason, since special clients don’t pay more, they are not prettier, they just respect the escort much more or they comply with things that they consider essential to offer them the service.

If you are one of those who want to be one of the escort’s favorite guys at any cost in order to have some benefits, or you just want to know how you can avoid bothering or inconveniencing her in any way, keep reading, we will explain to you the key points of an exemplary client.

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Responsibility is everything 

Not being punctual is not attractive at all, for anyone. And much less for people who already have their hours counted or have to go elsewhere to offer their services. The best thing to do if you know you are going to be late for the appointment, is to let the girl know so that they can reschedule the appointment or wait somewhere else while you finish arriving. Then you prevent the girl from putting effort and time into something you’re not going to enjoy.  

Sure, delays of five minutes may not be much of a problem, but delays of 20 minutes can be considered an abuse. If you don’t have enough time, let her know, and reschedule the appointment for another day or another time. 

The place may matter a little 

With this we are not telling you to make an effort with the escort as if you were going on a date with another person, because it does not make sense since you are looking to de-stress, not to stress yourself more, but it is important that the places where you invite her are suitable to be. For example, she can go to your house but it won’t be nice if it smells bad, or she can go with you to a bar but it might not be nice to a sleazy one. The safety of both of you is important, and believe us she may even accompany you shopping as long as it’s comfortable.

Pay in advance

Always be clear about the services you are going to ask for to avoid being surprised at the price at the end, and this way you allow the girl to be much looser. Usually the agency services ask for an advance payment of the hours, and then a price for the services, but it also depends on the agency. The best thing you can do before hiring the girl is to get advice on how the costs are handled in her case and pay based on that. 

Speak clearly about your tastes and needs 

 There is nothing more satisfying that you already know what you need and you don’t need to improvise to satisfy it, so if you already have a notion of what you like and you can notify her so that she can get started at once, it would be perfect. 

Some men prefer particular types of girls in personality or sexual tastes, so communicating ahead of time what your motivations are would be perfect for many escorts. 

Be nice 

You don’t need to idolize her and act like a total simp, but it is extremely important that you take an interest in the girl and show her an approachable and pleasant personality. It has nothing to do with being outgoing or more, it’s just a way to make her feel comfortable expressing herself and make the service much more comfortable for both of you. 

Anyway the girls are always adapting to each person to make them feel comfortable, but it is much easier when the person facilitates this process and makes the girl feel good.