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Girls of the Week

Girls in costumes, demanded service

Among the many services you can get thanks to the increasing wave of clients at Theory Love Escorts agencies, there are a lot of positive things to take into account: The fetishes that you have, that you think are the weirdest, are being carried out at the moment by some girl from our agency, that means that you will no longer have to shy away from enjoying your most humid dreams, and that whenever you want you can go on a date with a beautiful girl. 

One of the most constant fetishes that are coming out in this new year are the girls in costumes, both within the practice of BDSM and outside of it, the fact of adding a little strangeness makes everything a little more exciting. So if you’ve thought about it, you’re in the right place! 

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Girls with a variety of costumes

Costumes may vary depending on the escort but there are a lot of costumes that they can wear and you can opt for. If you have a specific fantasy like a police girl, they will do their best to satisfy you and get the costume you want. 

You can have them come directly to your house like this or have them put it on once they are inside your house, all of this is customizable depending on the experience the client wants. Don’t worry about embarrassment, or that the escort will look at you funny, these women are totally used to this kind of request so for them it’s just a normal day.  Ask with confidence, as long as it is with respect. 

Varied services

There is a possibility that they will ask you if you only want the girl to wear the costume or you want a complete experience including role play or other toys and artifacts, since as you know usually wearing costumes is directly linked to BDSM type role play where the roles of dominant and submissive are exchanged. All this, you can choose as you like, there is no limit to your sexual fantasies. 

You may also find that you don’t want it to be a role play but just an escort in costume, and this is fine too. Depending on your needs the escorts will adapt and give you what you need. 

Theory Love Escort as a predominant agency

At Theory Love Escort we stand out for being an agency that, beyond having a large influx of constant clients, offers quality services that make us one of the favorites of all the people who are experiencing for the first time or who have been in the escort work environment for a long time.

Knowing what kind of service you want will fully help you to have a good experience as you come with a chip and know what to expect, and we assure you that the girls fully meet all your needs from start to finish. In a long time there have been no complaints about the services because we are very careful with all the details that can be misunderstood or annoy clients, such as the issue of charging for the service or the magic of dating a girl, without the issue of money constantly interrupting as you might suffer with an independent escort who has no class at all. 

For us the experience is something extremely important, because we strive to make you feel in a bubble where the only important thing is the date and the moment you are having with the escort. We adapt to the modality you want even, you can choose between the basic, improvise with the escort herself, or already have a kind of scenario set up to avoid discomfort. You will see that our girls are excellent professionals and know how to deal with all kinds of requests very willingly. 

Don’t miss the opportunity and finally get the experience of a lifetime, enjoy London Escorts right now.