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Happy ending massage with London Escorts

Our whole body accumulates a lot of stress and tension from the whole day, as we are constantly exposed to situations that are not pleasant for us. So sometimes we have to look for ways that we ourselves can feel much more comfortable with our body. In these cases, from Theory Love Escort we offer you a very particular but professional service where you can opt for a massage that has special endings, hence the name “Massage with happy ending”.

London Escort sexy brunette sitting over the bed while wearing a red night dress

What does the happy ending massage come from? 

This type of practice comes from many centuries ago, where some masseurs were dedicated to a medicinal way of liberating the body through their massages. Of course, nowadays the subject is very separate and only a few people offer special massage services, but they are still available in places like Theory Love Escort through their most experienced escorts in the subject that can help you take away that stress in different ways. 

If you are looking for a moment to enjoy, take care of your physical and mental health through alternative medicine such as massages, then this service will suit you wonderfully. To explain a little more about what the massage is about, it consists of stimulating or massaging our most private areas either female or male (because theory Love escort offers services for both) and bring you to an orgasm, also adding the massage of other common areas of your body such as back, abdomen, arms, legs, head, etc.. This as such is a total stimulation of the whole body where tensions are taken to a single place to release it with a great ending. 

Although it could be considered so, it is not necessary that this ends in a complete sexual act as it would be the male body and escort connection, but you can also ask for it if this is your preference. You can also choose for the release to be oral only, instead of masturbation, and other particular preferences. Of course, these options are only carried out when an escort is doing the job. In the case of Theory Love Escort girls, some in particular are well experienced in the massage business so don’t worry, it’s really not a scam, you will receive a very complete service that will fully satisfy your needs. 

Random escorts often offer a happy ending, but don’t be fooled, they are not interested in the attitude of healing the body and mind, they are probably not trained to give you any kind of massage and they are the reason why happy ending massage is associated with simple masturbation and other people’s negative attitude towards it. You should always opt for a quality agency that really knows about the whole process and will go out of their way to deliver for you. 

As for legality, this activity is legal in most countries. Just like prostitution or cannabis, most countries agree to allow it. Countries that consider it illegal are not strict and are likely to legalize it at some point, as there is no risk or harm.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t be afraid to have one of the best nights of your life, these girls know well what they are doing and will fulfill everything you need to keep you happy and enjoying the whole process. If you are wondering exactly what are the types of massages they offer, you can always choose to check out our other articles on the subject and choose the one that best suits your needs. 

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