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Hire a London Escort stripper – yes or no?

Many times it is considered that hiring an escort is only the process of going out to dinner, or taking her to your house, but no, escorts have a wide variety of services that you can’t even imagine and that can get you out of many troubles. For example, the service of strippers for private events.


You may have a bachelor party, or you simply want a personal event for yourself with a beautiful girl to dance for you, or even a corporate event where you need a distraction for your top management. No matter the context, it is extremely important that you make sure this girl is quality. And that is where the idea of hiring an escort, the pinnacle of excellence in male entertainment, comes in.

London escort stripper girl

Is this really a good idea?


When organizing a party it is important to consider different factors, or not so much a party as a meeting. That is to say, you have to make sure that it is a closed and suitable place and above all that it has what the escort needs in terms of space so that she can develop properly during the whole routine. 


It is important that you try to establish the rules with the escort in terms of attention if there will be other guests at the meeting, rules such as how far the touching will go, if then you can do a private service, if it will only be visual without touching, all this should be discussed in advance for ease of service.


Advantages of hiring a stripper

Strippers are beautiful women

Particularly if you decide to hire an escort to do a stripper service, it is more than obvious that the service will be something you have not seen before in terms of beauty and precision. Escorts are characterized by being fine and beautiful women who choose to accompany whoever hires them, so they put meticulous effort into their body and how they are perceived by their surroundings. So if you want a real show, you will really get it if you hire one of these girls as the ones in charge. 


Predefined rules

You won’t have any surprises, like any other entertainment service the escorts will lay on the table what are their possibilities and what are their nono’s, you will be able to see in detail what are the things that are to your advantage and how to control the show before it starts. As we mentioned before, the escorts are really organized to know what their role is and not to make them uncomfortable, this is highly advantageous for those who do not know how is a stripper service and need more context of what are the derivatives that can be seen during the act. 


In striptease there are a lot of derivatives, and you can choose the ones you like depending on the escort’s capabilities. For example, there are many who offer pole dancing services, oriental dances such as belly dancing, and they can also be part of the organization or staff serving drinks or doing other types of entertainment services you have in mind. This is highly advantageous since you have several characters in one person. 


And also, depending on the escort, it can be a source of purely sexual entertainment in rooms if that is what you want to offer, but remember that this is not guaranteed and everything that happens or you want to happen must be previously discussed to avoid problems with the girl in question. 


What happens at the party, stays at the party.


Remember to remind your guests that absolutely everything that happens during the meeting in which the escort is present must be private, beyond being able to disclose what the services were. Usually private escorts tend to maintain confidentiality for this type of services that are far from their usual services, so a sign of respect is not to take pictures during the acts. Remember that he who eats quietly eats twice, it is in your best interest to keep these girls happy for all they have to offer. 


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