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How to be a good London Escort client

If they think in their head that they will treat you like the best man they have ever met, the best thing is always to make a good impression because many escorts have the secret that they have favorite clients who might occasionally have benefits or a time that is really natural and genuine. And who does not want the person who gives us a service to like us? 

If this is your case, yes, we confirm that there are little things that could make an escort consider you as one of her best clients or that she won’t hesitate twice to accept your service proposal through some little tricks that anyone can do.

As an escort agency, we have compiled what in particular are the little details that our escorts greatly consider in a man to make him their favorite, so pay close attention and take note for the next time you want to hire a girl. 

London Escort sexy blonde girl wearing a small black bikini while posing for the camera

Be on time

Remember that appointments with escorts are always at a specific time and tend to last until a specific time, all this previously discussed with you probably so you can be aware and do not keep her or take longer than agreed. But there are still guys who decide to take much longer than usual and make the escort wait, having to leave her alone at the appointment place until they arrive. 

Although it is not totally obligatory to be a good client for an escort because even with a late date, it is not always a good client. 

You will understand that anyone will be annoyed by a late date, so imagine someone who works with time. Arriving on time, or in case you are late, giving the escort advance notice so that she doesn’t rush to go, is the best thing you can do to keep the girl happy. 

Hygienize yourself

It is extremely important that you clean yourself and dress well for the date, it is not so important that you go elegant or with branded clothes, but that it is noticeable that you put a little effort to be presentable and above all that you have bathed to be there. You see, you must understand that most escort services end up in a room where fabulous things will happen, but many of the girls are affected by this because men do not tend to bathe before visiting them and they are exposed to sweat, odors and others that have already been concentrated in the body of their sexual partner for many hours. 

So even though sweating is inevitable, it never hurts to take a bath before you start. Although you can also apply the one of bathing together before the particular moment in the bedroom or ask him to excuse you for a moment to be able to sanitize yourself. All this depends on the situation, of course, but preferably they will always want you to be clean. 

Always treat the Escort well

We are not telling you to put her on a pedestal and not to touch her, but it never hurts to remember that these girls are also people who like to be treated well even if the date is arranged. Being nice to her and not so much trying to romance her as verbally respecting her will always be one of the things they will appreciate the most, since there are clients who even treat them like slaves or dogs in front of other people and it tends to be a bit uncomfortable. 

If you are a shy person, these girls will bring you out of your state of comfort and make you feel good, but you have to do your part and let yourself go so that the girls can work fully. It doesn’t matter what kind of attitude you have, as long as you address them in a good way everything will be fine.

Everything you have to do to keep an escort happy is very basic, but the real question is, do you want to do it?