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How to check if the escort is available

It is not enough to just go to the website of your choice to see if the luxury escort you are going to choose likes you physically, there are a lot of ways in which she may fail and may not match you. Therefore, we have made a blog post today that can guide you on how to find out if the girl you chose is available… for you.

There are many types of escorts, not only for sex and not only for companies, so we must evaluate who we are hiring to avoid surprises that may not please us at the time. If you are a person who has not hired an escort, we imagine you did not know this. 

Hiring a girl to accompany you is like any other type of professional in any type of area you think, each one has their specialization and has their schedules, just as they vary in ways of working, so you have to look for the one that best suits us, while we adapt to them. 


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From here we start with the guide for dummies on how to read the description of an escort and get all the information we need without having to call her or contact the website (Although this is not bad on sites like Theory Love Escort). 

Interpreting the profile

Don’t just look at the pictures and videos, you’ll have time in person to check out the ass and tits of the girl you decide is the woman to give you good company that day. For now you will need to be attentive to the information she provides you with in her cover letter.

Evaluate the profile in detail

The first thing you should do is to see the location of the escort, that is, the city where she resides and how far her services reach, for example, Theory Love Escorts has girls in London. 

Availability of a place for the meeting:

Evaluate if the girl has a rule of only making visits at her home, at your home, or if you can be with her in public places. This is extremely important because as we mentioned before, there are escorts for all types, and a girl who is only sexually oriented will not be useful for social services such as fulfilling partner roles at a business dinner. 

Availability to travel or accompany during the weekend:

There are people who need escorts for long or short periods of time, and many of the girls have varied schedules. There will be those who can meet you for several days and can even go out of town, and there will be those who are only limited to one day of attention or a few hours.

Type of client:

The girl may only take businessmen or may only accept private individuals, the girl may only accept heterosexuals or may also date girls, or may be exclusively for girls or couples.  

Naturalness and knowledge of languages:

Depending on the service you need or if you are a tourist, you may need the girl to speak your language or at least speak English, and this can be fulfilled at Theory Love Escorts where they have a wide variety of girls who speak all kinds of languages, including English as a basic language for their work. 

How to know if the luxury escort is available?

To be sure that the girl you have chosen to be your escort is available on that specific day, you just have to contact the agency she answers to and ask for her schedule and work calendar. This way you will know exactly how much you can request her services and book her. 

Contacting the escort is usually not complicated, you just have to be polite and contact them in time so that there are no complications in the service. Vacation dates are always full, so try to do everything in advance.

And remember, you should not have any shame in requesting this type of service, you deserve it, no one is made of stone.