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How to develop sexual skills, with data from escorts

It is sometimes complicated to develop sexual skills when you don’t have the right experience, it can be frustrating at first if you want to start your sex life. Finding a sex partner can also be difficult without any of these, but as always, we are here to save you and guide you on what you can do to satisfy yourself and find ways to move forward without too much heartache.

Among the things you can do to develop sexual skills, is hiring escorts with the advantage that you learn how to handle yourself directly having practice, without reading in between, because although it is good to have the right theory, it is much more important the fact that you have in mind how things are done so you can repeat them and feel more comfortable doing them little by little. And this type of practice can be done with women who will be more than happy to explain to you step by step all the indicated procedures.

London Escort, two brunette girls wearing white bras and underwear while hugging each other and smiling for the camera.

But beyond the techniques, we will give you small recommendations that will make you feel better during the process:

Let yourself go and enjoy the process

It is extremely important that you feel comfortable with what you are about to do or what you are already doing during the process, you should feel nervous before, not during, if this is the case and the experience is uncomfortable it is best to tell the escort and talk to her about it. Forget what you have been taught about not being able to feel bad during sex, absolutely everyone has the right to feel uncomfortable and stop in order to restructure what approach to take.

Remember that this process may seem intimidating, but there is no point in holding back because of physical or functional insecurities because at the end of the day the main idea is to enjoy the process.

Learn the basics of your partner’s body

This doesn’t have to be seen during a general dating process, you can figure out what a person likes within minutes of meeting them or in the worst case scenario when you are already in the process and happen to be at the kissing stage. Everything can be noticed in a matter of seconds, it is up to you to choose if you are going to be the submissive or the dominant depending on your tastes. 

If you want general basics we can mention that a large part of the female population feels stimulation in their vagina, tits and ass. But not all of them are like that, so you will have to go testing to see what are their bodily reactions to the different stimuli you give them. Most of them can be noticed by your sexual partner’s reactions or directly asking them verbally, in the case of escorts, to tell you when they like it. They will not refuse your request, in fact, they will encourage it in a very sexy way.

Find their fetishes or preferences

Clearly with escorts you have the incredible benefit that you can easily find out what their fetishes are through the main pages that allow you to match with them and hire the one that best suits you through a specific description. But in the case of general people, you can throw small tips in case they have previous conversations on the subject, or you can also at the moment of truth go feeling out what their expectations are. For example, if you see that the girl responds in a submissive way you can try to have a more dominant way of treating her, if you see that she lets you go tantalizing to hang her and so little by little to test all the possibilities of fetishes. You can also play a little verbal game to test lands like “I’m dying to do this to you, will you let me?” and thus gradually unlocking cells of pleasure during your sexual experience.

Above all, confidence in your tastes and abilities should be at the forefront of any situation.