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How to get an Escort to play a special role on a date

Escorts have many more functions outside of sex, they are generally professionals in many areas and specialize in making you enjoy yourself from the first moment you contact them. In case you are thinking of hiring an escort but out of the ordinary, for example, you need them to fulfill a specific role either for your enjoyment or because you need to give a specific image in front of some people, then you are in the right place.

We may be embarrassed to look weird or complicate the issue by not knowing how to handle it, but that’s why we are here to give you specific guidance on what you have and should do so that the girl can understand you and follow specifically what you need. First things first, get a highly reliable agency that offers professional escort services like Theory Love Escort. After that, you just have to choose the escort you think is the ideal one for the job and follow the steps below:

London Escort sexy girl wearing a red bikini and laying on a bed outdoors

Specify the agency

Particularly in Theory Love Escort we follow a basic rule that the first contact will always be with the agency before opting for a service, this as security of the escort and to adjust fair prices and services. Do not worry about embarrassment, we as professionals do not have any kind of taboo regarding sexual matters. So you can communicate your needs with confidence esp.

During this conversation you should specify if you need the escort to dress in a very specific way, to talk in a certain way, to behave in a particular way or if she can go naturally with some conditions. This is so that in case you have a very specific role, all the instructions will be clear to the escort and we can make the questioning session fair and precise.

Remember that if what you want is a girl who acts as your partner without taking away the originality of the person’s personality, there is a specific service called Girlfriend Experience where you can have your own girlfriend for a particular period of time and so you can maybe experiment with new things that you didn’t think you could with a standard girl.

Re-talk it over with the escort once in person. 

Many times it is not necessary since these girls record your instructions from top to bottom, but for example, if the service is external and you have to advise and specify many things so that the people who see you together believe the situation or there is no discomfort, it is best to clarify between the two at the time of seeing each other what are the specific services to be provided. Most of all as a way to reinforce what had already been agreed before. 

Enjoying your date or event 

Once everything is agreed, you just have to enjoy what you have already set. Remember that although the escort is there to make you enjoy and make you happy, these girls also deserve respect in terms of their services, so although they are fulfilling a role it is important to respect the limits that anyone could have, or talk about them beforehand if you have already agreed that they could push the boundaries of any person. 

Anyway, Theory Love Escort girls are pretty open about taboos, so there should be no complications with getting a little out of the norm. Still, communication is key to a successful service.

From Theory Love Escort we wish you a successful service and that you can join us again soon! We are considered one of the best agencies in London so we strive to make sure that people get the best out of the escort world.