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How to get your wife to accept an escort service

Many times we constantly fall into the routine of our daily life in a way that no longer satisfies us, the coffee every day does not have the same taste and what used to be an exquisite taste of a new life to explore is already a taste that you know by heart and you are getting tired of it. Life as a couple can become difficult at any time and arguments do not cease, but it is not necessary to separate in order to feel that spark again. It is only a matter of knowing which is the right time to experiment even if you are still in the bond. 

London Escort, brunette young girl wearing a black one-piece bikini and sunglasses while posing for the camera behind a black and red wall.

Nowadays, the term polyamory or similar, where the opportunity to enjoy sexually or effectively with other people is presumed, even if you are in a serious relationship.  And although it is not something that everyone knows how to handle, it is something that should at least be experienced, since the world is small, life is short and everything is too fleeting to be thinking about moral discourses. So, if you are thinking about how to put this idea to your partner or wife, whether it is in the sexual sphere with an escort or in the love sphere, we will give you the tips you need to know to handle it like a champion. 

First, the insinuations

It all starts with a little joke, a little serenity, something that little by little is formed in the couple’s brain so that when it’s your turn to talk about it once and for all, she has already had the chance to process the idea and to know how to handle it like a champion.

First, the innuendoes

It all starts with a little joke, a little serenity, something that slowly builds up in your partner’s brain so that by the time you get around to talking about it, she has had a chance to process the idea and has a strong personal opinion about how it makes her feel and what she would consider her boundaries to be.

Sitting her down to talk

A lot of men find this scary, but it’s the absolute truth: All problems are solved by talking, talking, and talking to each other about your sexual and romantic tastes and your boundaries within them. In any case, the best thing you can do to expose your desire for this to happen is to put it as a situation that generates something for you and if you both have the confidence to try and establish the right limits about it.

Try to do it with respect and above all from a warm position and as a possibility, not as an obligation, or the interaction may go very wrong.

Expose the benefits to the relationship

Although you might not think so, having a little escort situation between the two of you could trigger a major benefit for both of you if you are tired of your constant routines to fan the flame that looks deader every day. A simple example is that both will enjoy a beautiful woman or women who will give pleasure to both of them, since in the case of escorts, many of them are bisexual and also enjoy attending women as a way of satisfaction during a relationship. So forget about the uncomfortable situation that only you can enjoy, the experience is for both of you and should be done from a position of comfort without clearly forcing anyone to do it.

Hire the escort

If the situation has been discussed and you have taken a positive view of the situation, it is time to get down to work and decide which will be the lucky girl who will get the satisfaction of attending to both of you. In this case, we always like to recommend quality agencies such as Theory Love Escort, an escort agency that opens its doors to anyone who wants to enjoy good sex and genuine conversation as much as you and the third wheel.