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How to have a discreet date with a London Escort

We know that privacy is extremely important to many of the guys who use these services, so at Theory Love Escort we have exclusive contracts with our escorts that totally deny them the possibility of talking outside of their clients’ computers. 

And to add extra privacy to your first visits with escorts, we are going to explain today what you can do to hide the fact that you are visiting these girls and feel much more protected in general. 

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Clear all history on your devices

It is extremely important that if you are preventing people from finding out where you are, what you are doing and with whom you are trying to be as discreet as possible on your networks and on the places where you search for information about escorts, for example, Google. Delete in its entirety any type of search you have done, so that in case you live with someone or someone at some point has access to your devices they do not put anything in the search bar that could reveal what you had previously searched for. Be safe.

Although we remind you that if you have nothing to hide (we still support if you do) there is nothing wrong in visiting or hiring escorts, and that prejudice in general many have already overcome it and see it much more normal to happen in the streets.

Specify to the escort the idea of your date.

The escorts as such obviously will not need to tell the four winds or the people you get that they are an escort, but still if you want to be 100% sure of having an alibi before being seen with one of these beautiful girls, you can always explain the situation to the escort or if you do not want to do it for shame, say it directly in the service request to the agency you have chosen. Theory Love Escort in particular takes great care of these details and the customer service feels like they are really paying attention to you, so if you need extra attention to detail, this is the agency for you.

You can also make up a very specific story to follow if you need the escort to play a role in front of certain people, and we will back this up at all times. Our girls are trained in various areas of presentation, so it won’t be a problem to make up a little fake scene as long as it calms you down. 

Avoid crowded places 

If you are in spy mode, either for personal reasons such as having a partner or someone at home that you do not want to know about this type of services, we recommend you to avoid too crowded places that may open suspicions if someone sees you and asks in public for that particular moment when you were seen. You can try to go to more discreet places like motels, or if it is a date for distraction, go to movie theaters or bars at unusual hours where people are not very attentive to their surroundings or where there is no excess. 

You can also avoid going out on the busiest days, such as weekends, or weekdays during work hours, such as 6/8 in the morning or 6/7 in the evening, which is when people usually get off work. 

No matter what, from our Escorts’ side you will be very safe. Our girls first of all always avoid giving details of their clients as it is in their contracts, so you can feel safe being in their hands, or in their body, or in their mouth, you understand what we are referring to. 

Always try to make the transfers in cash so that you do not raise suspicion with your cards or frequent transactions, and otherwise, we wish you luck! On behalf of our agency if you specify your desire we will do our best not to expose you in any way.