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How to have the best sex on vacation

You are free from work, you no longer have to comply with responsibilities that are too annoying that limit you to do what you want, it’s time to enjoy your vacation and for having entered this article we know what your intentions are. 

Having sex on vacation can be much more enjoyable than the standard sex we usually have, we just have to know how to take advantage of the opportunities presented to us by agencies like Theory Love Escort to be able to have what we want so much and enjoy it to the fullest. 

We all, absolutely all of us, are waiting for the moment when we are told that it is time to take time off from the company, and since we are notified of our vacation we are only thinking about those beautiful, experienced and charismatic women who are waiting for us in London. Everything flows, it’s our favorite time of the year. 

So how to have better sex on vacation? Here are some tips.

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Have sex whenever you feel like it

There really isn’t much science behind vacation sex, as long as you have the availability, with Theory Love Escorts girls you will always have options. The best thing to do is to go to your preferred search engine and search the site to see the many girls who are available for you right now and are just waiting for a call to let them know that their date is coming to pick them up. 

If you have a girl that you don’t want her to know that you are going to visit your escorts, don’t worry, our women are very discreet and will only come when you tell them to. Furthermore, they will go to the address you specify. 

Be available and relaxed

If you are from outside London and you are visiting the city for a bit of fun, we recommend that you avoid going on a day of sightseeing and then staying with a London escort, as you might be too tired to enjoy yourself. But you can always choose to hire the girl directly so that she can guide you around the city, you do not have to queue, you get to know places out of ordinary tourism, and also have a good time with a beautiful and charismatic girl that you can take to bed once you finish going. 

Going with an escort allows you to be in a much more relaxed state because the girl knows exactly where they have to go and you can avoid the fatigue of having to be super attentive to what the guides say because it is a large group. 

Try new things

If you are tired of routine sex with your partner, or if you haven’t experimented enough in your daily life, we recommend you to take this opportunity to enjoy and expand your sexual knowledge and get to know your body better. Remember that you will be in front of sex professionals, there is nothing you want to try that is too crazy to do. You just have to trust yourself and give yourself the opportunity to experience it, so you won’t be left with curiosity. 

Go around the house with your clothes off

If you are in the summer season and it is very hot, you and the escort can play naked around the house for as long as you want to increase the desire to have sex, especially if you play a game similar to hunter and prey, something that tends to encourage everyone for the adrenaline that is generated. 

Also, they can include things in the game that involve water, such as ice cubes that can be passed over the body or taking a cold shower before going to the main event. This most of the time cheers anyone up. 

One tip we give you outside of what we’ve already said, is to try to put a lube in your vacation bag, you never know when it’s time to use it. And besides that, it totally de-stress! If it’s your vacation, try not to pay attention to your cell phone or computer and take seriously the fact that you have free time to take advantage of.

And remember, Theory Love Escort Agency is here for you all year long.