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How to improve sex?

Sexuality is a key aspect, a fundamental part of everyone’s life since it is part of one of our most primitive needs. Nowadays, it is not only associated with reproduction, but it is also understood as a way to enjoy and keep alive the relationship with our partner, however, there may come a point where our libido eventually fades and we turn to escorts to satisfy ourselves.

If you find yourself in this type of situation and want to learn various practices, techniques and ideas to significantly improve your sexual relationships, this article is the one for you as we will provide you with each and every one of the things mentioned above and expand your imagination.

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The sensual use of candles

Many people do not take into account that sex is not only about stimulating our most sensitive areas, it involves virtually all the senses and it is essential to learn to involve them to enjoy full and highly satisfying relationships, so the scented candles will provide that touch that was missing in your relationships.

Giving your sense of smell sweet and warm aromas will be the ideal additive to increase the morbidity in your relationships.

Lingerie raises arousal and boosts confidence

Fine lingerie is a great way to flatter both the man and the woman, one to delight in a better view and the other to make sure she feels comfortable in bed. The fabrics used in lingerie tend to flatter female figures and proportions and will give the male senses a visual delight that will give them that touch of kinkiness and heat they were starting to miss. So you can gift lingerie to your partner to model for you.

It allows for a variety of opportunities and new experiences according to the couples’ needs.

Music to create the right mood

Art is an indispensable form of expression in our lives, for this reason, music accompanies us in practically all the activities we do and sex should not be the exception. Choosing the playlist with the right songs depending on the state in which we find ourselves is essential, choose soft melodies will fuel the flame little by little and allow us to generate a much more intimate connection with our partner, while the use of a more lively music will ensure us much more intense and morbid sexual encounters.

Sexual games and the paths to exploration

Nowadays there are much less taboos, so including erotic games can be a great additive to your relationships, maybe a role play, dice or involving an escort to have a threesome where you can fulfill your fantasies with a professional of sexual life as the girls of Theory Love Escort Agency that will guarantee you a lot of pleasure.

Oils and Lubricants for better penetration

The oil and lubricant have a leading role during sex, on the one hand, the oil will accompany you in your foreplay or foreplay to make them even more exciting and allow you to relax your muscles and those of your partner mutually, while on the other hand, the lubricant will be ideal to have much more satisfactory relations, eliminating the sensation of friction and reducing the risks related to injuries by practicing a very abrupt or rapid penetration.

Final tips on how to improve sex

During sex, many people tend to be self-conscious because of embarrassment or nervousness generated by the moment, therefore, it is important that you learn to communicate openly and honestly with your partner about the things you like and dislike, this aspect is essential for them to carry out a much more satisfying intimacy and get involved much more emotionally.

In short, every relationship is completely different and has particular customs, habits and preferences, so it is complicated to suggest a few ideas to rekindle the flame, from using scented candles to include a London escort to advise and help them in the implementation of new practices, everything is possible when you want to enjoy sexuality.