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How to regain your sex life after divorce

Getting back to having a standard sex life after getting divorced can be different for everyone, as not all divorces happen over equal contexts. You may be scared, or maybe excited by the fact, but what is critical for you to understand is that it is not an ending, but a new beginning to your life that can end up giving you a lot of pleasure if you think about it. 

Sex is fundamental for everyone, it positively affects our physical and mental health, so you shouldn’t let it die, and neither should you suffer from excess of it as it can generate an addiction. But if you are looking to get started, a London escort is ideal.

In this article, we are going to explain how you can progressively start your sex life again. 

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Getting to know yourself

In years of marriage we imagine you’ve been able to develop an idea of what your tastes, needs, and things you probably want to try that your wife didn’t want to do. Plus the things you definitely don’t want to do again, and that’s great. 

If you’ve gone a long time without sex, you may have an urgent need to experience it, and this is understandable, no one is a resistance machine. For this, you can opt for a london escort from Theory Love Escort and explain to her how you can do it. 

Use sex toys

If you want to start on your own, you can always opt for classic masturbation, and if it does not generate too much, you can opt for the application of personal sex toys to make your orgasms more intense while you prepare yourself for physical contact with other people. 

Get inspired by movies and reading

If you still find it hard to admit that you are no longer with your partner and have not been able to motivate yourself to try other things even though you have not had contact with her for a long time, you can choose to generate a connection little by little with your sexuality, looking for excitement in erotic movies or reading, depending on what your interests are. There are even video games that can help you with this. 

Accept your body

Many men are insecure after going through a divorce and being on their own, because when you’re in a relationship you’re usually looking for comfort and it’s hard enough to get back into the shape you were in when you were out of a relationship.

But whether it is the same body or not, you must accept your body as it is now and remember that escorts will always accept you no matter what. At Theory Love Escort you can find the most beautiful girls inside and out, who only care about how you treat them. 

Pay attention to the “minimum requirements”.

If you are going to hire an escort to make you feel alive and desired again, it is essential that you opt to choose girls who really know how to carry out the job of an escort. There are many girls who pretend to be escorts just to make a little extra money, and this causes your expectations to fall and condemns the service forever. 

If you are going to hire an escort, make sure that they are professional agencies that have experienced women to deal with all types of people. Believe us when we tell you that this will save you a lot of trouble.  

Always protect yourself

And above all, make sure that if you are going to start your sex life remember that you are no longer with your partner with whom you can have unprotected sex without fear of getting something. If you are going to try several people, always try to use protection to avoid problems of sexual diseases that can harm you. Whether with private girls or escorts, using protection is always important, never skip this step. 

And our final tip is to get motivated! We know that renewing your sex life is probably not easy, but it is a necessary process to get back to enjoying your life to the fullest. It’s a progressive process, don’t try to jump into it all at once, little by little it gets better. 

Also remember that if you need experienced girls, aware of your needs, and above all friendly, you can always choose to hire Theory Love Escort as your agency of choice.