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How to treat an Escort on the first date

Nerves get the best of you when you go on your first date with an escort, especially if you’ve never asked for a similar service before or even come close. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered this time. The truth is that the whole experience is a matter of getting used to it, and for that there are some tips that can help you calm down and be focused on what you are going to do and what you want to experience. 

Escorts as such are much more accustomed to dating than you, but even when they get a client who is out of the ordinary, they also strive to make him feel comfortable with their presence and to know him, so probably both are nervous and trying to find a way to connect, which puts them both at an advantage because they live the same experience in this case. 

Among the tips that we can focus on when going on a date with an escort for the first time, are:

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Always be on time for the date.

This is extremely important because you will understand that your service is mostly based on a specific range of hours that you have requested, and the escort is based on that to work as well. So you will understand that being late is not only disrespectful to the escort’s time, but it will also detract from your experience since they do not tend to extend their schedule even if the appointment is cut short because they have to be somewhere else during the day, either with another service or with a particular occupation they have, since many girls have two occupations, escort and personal. 

Also one of the things that they think is great if you have the possibility, is that you go for them by yourself, clearly to a place that you have previously agreed and that you both agree on, showing up by surprise or telling them that you will do it without any kind of anticipation will probably bother them since many have very important their privacy, so it is better not to run the risk of offending them. 

Go neat and smelly 

This will be your law from this moment until you hire your last escort. If you can, or in most cases, always make sure that you are totally clean and that you can somehow smell nice or have your parts sanitized. You will understand that the girls will come to meet you in their best version, so it is nice to see when people also have that intention with them and take care to be presentable. 

You don’t need to have the best cologne and you don’t need to be waxed from top to bottom, it is enough to have a good shower before meeting them and stay fresh all the time. Anyway, the escorts will still take care of you and will not make you feel bad for anything that may happen. They are very considerate girls. 

Be open to experimentation 

We imagine that in your head you have already assimilated the idea that you are probably going to fuck if that was the service you chose, and also the fact that it will be with a sex expert. Also, we would recommend that you choose an escort who is similar to your type of sex, but if not and you have decided to really EXPERIENCE, it is best to be open to what the escort guides you, although you also have the full right to say when something just doesn’t seem right and makes you uncomfortable. 

Do not ask for services not previously agreed

The most important thing you can do on a date with an escort for the first time is to agree everything previously with the person who schedules the date, so that you don’t get the surprise that escorts don’t accept extra services outside the agency for security reasons. Clearly they will tell you politely, but it is better to avoid the awkward moment and opt for the right thing to do. 

Above all, we assure you that you will enjoy the experience and you are likely to come back for more, so don’t wait any longer and book your first girl from Theory Love Escort.