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Humiliation Fetish in Theory Love Escort: All you need to know

Humiliation and degradation are two sexual fetishes that are within the practices of BDSM, which seeks to satisfy the client in these cases with the opposite of what is considered pleasurable. And it seeks pleasure through strong emotions, not only joy and euphoria, they can also come from anger, sadness and guilt, and this is what many of the clients who come to Theory Love Escort looking for pleasure seek.

We can say that degradation and humiliation is a main tool of BDSM between a submissive and a dominant, where there is a sexual, mental and physical connection and interaction, clearly previously agreed upon by both parties. 

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As with other sexual activities, these can be encouraged from the first moment in which an encounter is made, for example, from the first date you can perform small actions that make the person feel small or limited, an easy example is that our dominant escorts tend to have an intimidating personality that makes the submissive enter the scene quickly, even before consummating the sexual practice. 

Or you can also ask to be limited only to the bed, this depends on your preferences, and in particular our Theory Love Escort girls adapt to the level you want, for example, if you are someone who is starting in these practices can be particular the treatment they give you inside and outside depending on how they see you act before different simple practices such as spanking. 

What can humiliate or degrade?

Humiliation and verbal degradation.

Among the different types of humiliation that exist, the standard is to posit that one is the dominant, and the other is the submissive. To then use several of the BDSM practice tools, such as petplay, which is to call the submissive in a diminutive way, such as doggy, kitty, etc., depending on what you like or fits what the escort decides. 

Verbal weakness is one of the first pillars of BDSM, since it limits the person to a role he has to fulfill in order to satisfy his master. He can also be a child, a slave, and even become more aggressive including some who criticize his physical or mental state. 

Physical humiliation and degradation.

In this particular section is usually used already when they are in the middle of practice or in private, you can ejaculate, spit, urinate and even physically force the submissive depending on the level that pleases him. 

You can also serve as a slave and satisfy all the requests of the dominant, in this case the escort, for example, can be both sexual things like erotic massages or fellatios to the escort, as well as doing something for yourself like undressing in front of her following certain types of rules. 

Also during the practice you can be physically deprived so that you are only limited to being a sexual toy, with handcuffs, chains, forts, etc. And also to make painful or uncomfortable practices that may affect the submissive, such as the use of tongs or perhaps hot candles, even hanging.

Clearly all of this is consensual and we avoid causing real or very serious harm, and we use code words to make the person feel safe. 

All of our escorts are experienced in these areas, and know how important consent and compliance with the code word is, which makes the submissive feel safe while performing these extreme practices. Always remember to know your body’s limits to avoid emotional or physical repercussions, and that you can always change the type of service to one more to your liking if you start to feel too forced. 

The escort, even being a submissive, is there to satisfy you, she only complies with everything you ask her to do previously in a role, which she can change if that is what you want. Remember to set your priorities and tastes right when hiring Theory Love Escort, and remember that you can always answer your questions.