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Innovative positions to have sex on the couch

The place par excellence in which all people think of when it comes to having sex is the bed, since it has enough space, comfort and intimacy to enjoy sex without fear of being interrupted or feeling uncomfortable in the process. However, the fact that it is so good for this makes that we can often get bored quickly and end up falling into monotony.

It is common that after this you tend to go to other places in your home to have sex, either the shower, dining room or even certain public places or in your own vehicle, however, one of the options that usually goes unnoticed and provides great comfort at the same time as an innovative feeling are the couches at home.

Beautiful London Escort

If, on the other hand, this has been one of your first choices and also you have lost the sense of fun, in this article we will provide you with some extravagant and particular positions so that you can rekindle the libido with your London escort or enjoy much more the services offered by your trusted escorts.

Why vary where you have sex?

Every place where we have sex has a different atmosphere and conditions, which makes this experience highly entertaining and can give us a different perspective of sexual intercourse. In addition, practicing some erotic arts outside the bed can be much more pleasurable and provide a touch of extra adrenaline that also translates into more morbidity and satisfaction.

One of the main problems of limiting ourselves only to intimacy in the bedroom is that sooner rather than later we will fall into monotony and repetitiveness, so that we will easily get bored and therefore, our sexual desire will end up declining, and this is not only seen in conventional relationships, but also in services with escorts.

Tips for having sex on the couch

Use blankets to protect the couch

It is a fact that during sex we secrete fluids, we tend to get very dirty and tend to leave stains wherever we perform the act, therefore, it is important to be careful with the couch and have a blanket to keep it away from dirt. It will certainly not be a pleasant surprise for visitors to find a stain of lubricant or in the worst case, semen.

Use of pillows

Use pillows, cushions and the backs of the couch to try new positions and have more creativity during sex to make the experience something innovative every time you hire the services of an escort from Theory Love Escort. These serve to be more comfortable, regulate the height of your girl’s hips or serve to be in more advantageous positions.

Innovative positions to have sex on the couch

Deep Throat

The girl can place her feet on the back of the couch and lie backwards, which will allow the man to place his penis more easily in the mouth of the servant and reach a greater depth in this type of practice, also allowing him to see how he penetrates his penis, which will make this a more morbid experience.


The man can place one of his feet on the couch, the other on the floor and stretch backwards leaning on one of his hands, while the escort sits on the man’s legs bending her knees to achieve a position where the depth will be guaranteed and they can enjoy an innovative position.

The bermuda triangle

This is an alternative to the classic 69, in which the man lays his head on the seat of the chair and the woman places her feet on each side of it, so that she can sit on the client’s face while leaning over and giving him pleasure on his penis and testicles through the practice of a natural blowjob.

As you can see, the variety of positions is unlimited as long as you have enough creativity to constantly innovate in bed, if you follow the recommendations we mentioned before, you can count on an unforgettable service with the most beautiful escorts in London.