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Little known services of London Escorts

Escorts have many functions in our life, they can be both an important companion to de-stress us from the day to day and keep us in a good mood, as well as they can be the people who give us the best sexual experience of our life and who find the most unexpected ways to make us enjoy a good sex session. But far from this, these girls have sub genres in their services that we can also take advantage of if we constantly need or have needed their services. 

Like any other professional service, the girls can be combined with other uncommon environments to think of combining and complement missing that you have in some area, for example, these girls can even accompany you to important business events if you require it and explain it at the time of hiring.

Without further ado, we show you some of the most useful services that you might not know you could request, and for example, in Theory Love Escort we are more than willing to offer. 

London Escort sexy redhead wearing black leather bikini and eye mask while holding another eye mask on her hand

Socializing at events such as bachelor parties

Escorts are well known for the fact that their charisma stands out, anyone who interacts with them brings a smile or gets into an interesting conversation with them. This makes them excellent for socializing in party groups, keeping the spirits up and making themselves known to all the guests. If you have a get-together and you are not so good with words and facial expressions, you may choose to hire an escort to take over the running of the party.

You can also hire a relatively large group to do fun stuff throughout the party, it can be with an intentional sexual theme like a bachelor party or keep it simple and discreet like any other party, just be in charge of setting the mood and getting people moving and doing things other than sitting around. 

Threesomes and sex with several people

Despite the fact that escorts in most of their hires only attend to one person, it does not mean that some of them do not offer services that include other women, other men and several at the same time. The only thing is that this should clearly be previously discussed with the escort to be hired in order to avoid unpleasant surprises such as the girl not adding these services to her work or not being prepared enough to attend too many people, 

Usually to ask for this type of service should be at the time of hiring, the time of connection with the agency to charge the appropriate rates for this type of work. Like any other service, escorts are paid in advance for what they are going to do and it must be specified which are the specific services that will be used to avoid problems with the agency and the escort. 

Travel services 

These girls can accompany you everywhere, their mission is to make you happy, and with this we add the fact that some clients who come to London for the services are tourists who are constantly on the move so sometimes they cannot enjoy the whole experience as they would like. And for this, Theory Love Escort has generated the option that you can take the girls on a date to places outside London, as long as this has been agreed with the agency and the escort agrees. 

One of the particularities to ask for this service is that you must pay in advance and you must also specify what are the things that will be done on that trip or that the escort must fulfill to satisfy the client and up to where their expenses will be paid. Otherwise, it is an experience that we recommend if you do not want to be traveling alone and want a little extra fun during your vacation or important business trips. 

What are you waiting for to order your specialized service? Theory Love Escort girls are waiting for you.