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London Escorts in Christmas and New Year

London Escorts in Christmas and New YearThe Christmas season undoubtedly represents a before and after in the daily routine. When the vacations of Christmas Eve, New Year and summer arrive, people start to have much more free time, different airs are breathed and new needs come to light.


It is common for many people to be alone during these important dates, either because they are traveling, living away from their family or simply do not have anyone to spend these emotional dates with. Therefore, it is common to think that the services of escorts and sex professionals are booming and a great variety of men begin to require these services.

If you are a woman worried about your man’s fidelity in the New Year, we will provide you with a series of data that will surely reassure you, but if you are also a man who requires the same services, we will explain how to obtain them in the easiest and most practical way possible.

First of all, we must emphasize that escorts, whether they are heterosexual, bisexual or transsexual women, have families and therefore want to spend these times with their loved ones, which is why, from 2015 to the present there is usually a decrease in the advertisement of these services from 30 to 42% during these times of the year, showing that there is not really a particular boom or peak in the demand for this kind of jobs.

Although you do not have a rough idea of what this represents, what we mean is that in the different escort agencies, it is estimated that approximately 60% of men ceased their activities with our workers at Christmas time. Undoubtedly, a great milestone from Santa Claus.

Likewise, it has been determined that women actually tend to investigate more about London escorts at Christmas time, probably because they are victims of the various social convictions and have more time alone, which invites them to try new experiences and discover sides of their sexuality that they would not have dared to explore when accompanied. Nevertheless, it is a curious fact considering that by habit, it is estimated that men tend to investigate this kind of web pages much more than women.

In addition to this, different studies have sought to determine whether the search of agencies decreases in any particular device between cell phones and personal computers, the latter being the most affected, which is not surprising considering that these are times when privacy is difficult within the family and do not have the same time alone to properly investigate these sites.

So far we have provided a variety of statistics and averages that show that interest in sexual services during the holiday season decreases substantially both by providers and clients, which suggests that it becomes a more complicated task to find an escort who is working normally on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, which would represent a problem for those people who tend to be alone at this time of the year.

However, in our agency Theory Love Escort we guarantee that regardless of the ephemeris, you can find a woman providing sexual services and companionship really concerned about you can have an unforgettable Christmas. In addition, we have an advanced search system that will allow you to categorize your interests by filters, so you can find the ideal girl quickly and easily.

Remember that our women are not only prepared to give you a great sexual pleasure, but they also have highly developed social and conversational skills, which will allow you to have a great company in these important times, ensuring that you will have someone by your side who cares about your needs of attention, affective and physical.

Our companion ladies are completely at your disposal 365 days a year and your welfare is their main concern, do not be afraid to contact us, we have a fully personalized technical service.