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Luxury escort versus prostitute, differences

In recent years a recurring confusion among people less experienced in the world of escorts is to assume that escort and prostitute are synonyms or that there really is no notable difference between the services offered by one and the other, however, this is a mistake.

Escorts are women specialized in being escorts to important places and events, only that over time, they have expanded to cover a larger audience and have incorporated other kinds of experiences in the process, for this reason, in this article we will talk about the fundamental differences that characterize an escort and a prostitute, and which one is more convenient depending on your requirements or needs.

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What is a luxury escort

As we mentioned before, assuming that sexual services are the main purpose of an escort is a mistake. In reality, these professionals are known as escort ladies since they have always presented themselves as women with an unparalleled beauty and figure along with an extremely high level of education and academic training, which allows them to be the ideal companions for any event requested by the client, whether it is business, family or social.

In addition to this, the escorts have developed communication skills and an open, charismatic and friendly personality, in short, they are extroverted, which allows them to develop naturally in any conversation and environment that the client needs.

In this sense, it can be evidenced that escorts usually have higher rates because their service is not only focused on the sexual, but in the work of accompanying a person for a certain time and take into account all the necessary factors to provide a unique experience and ensure that no one notices the fact that it is a lady of company. The erotic arts included in the rates are an additive or extra incentive that makes them have a better reputation and get more money while providing more benefits.

In our specialized Agency Theory Love Escort, we have a wide catalog of totally professional women categorized at your convenience so you can easily find your ideal girl.

Taking all this into account, we must emphasize that on our website you will find the best escorts depending on the service you plan to ask for, some of the most common and in which they have a great experience are the following: accompaniment to dinners and business meetings, travel escorts, massages, event planning, among others.

What is a prostitute

Having clarified everything relevant about escorts, it is important to point out that the main and most characteristic difference between these two professions is that prostitutes only perform sexual encounters for the stipulated time in exchange for money.

They do not offer escort services and much less will they accompany you to other types of events that do not have sexual relations as their main purpose. In addition, it is common that they work independently and not with an agency, the closest thing to this system that exists in the world of prostitution is the pimp, which provides protection and security in their work in exchange for a commission of what their work generates.

Now you will be able to determine what kind of girl suits you best depending on the service you wish to receive. While it is true that you can count on the work of an escort to receive sex, you should keep in mind that this will also involve other aspects and there will be more factors that will directly influence the price you will have to pay.

However, the main advantage of hiring the services of a professional escort is that you have the help of agencies like ours, which offers you a completely personalized customer service and will help you find the best girl in London for you through the use of filters and categories depending on what you want to do with it.

With us at Theory Love Escort you will have the guarantee that your pleasure is our priority, contact us and we guarantee you an unforgettable experience.