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Make the London Escort enjoy herself

There are some men who, beyond wanting to satisfy themselves, find a great deal of pleasure in making the woman enjoy herself. And in case you are one of these men and you are looking for the right way to make the escort you are meeting enjoy herself, we will be explaining today what are the most basic tricks you can use to make a woman go crazy with your movement. Ready? Let’s get started.

One of the main things to tell you before we start the top but which is part of it, is that the G-spot is not the only one that can give her pleasure. There is also the U-spot, which is near the urethra, the K-spot, which is at the end of the vagina near the cervix, and so many different nerve zones that make the experience much more pleasurable for her, and if you know how, for you too.

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Elevate or rotate the pelvis

Believe us when we tell you that although this may seem simply a readjustment of position and that it does not have much to do, it turns out that in 80% of cases this greatly increases the pleasure by stimulating one of the third points that we explained previously. 

Penetration in these cases tends to be much deeper and also ensures that the U-spot is stimulated a little during the whole process, so you will generate more intense orgasms and even double orgasms if you put enough intensity. 


Swinging is not the same as thrusting, and many of our London Escorts surveyed confirm that this generates a much more intense orgasm because of the rubbing motion between the clitoris and the penis. But as always, you can try it with your escort and see how her body reacts to this new experience you are giving her. 


Remember that even if this doesn’t help you to bring her directly to orgasm, up to 90% of women are beings that need constant stimulation in other parts of the body to really enjoy the experience. So play with all the erogenous parts that you think that in the girl can be a plus. 

Just as you like a good blowjob, they love to have their breasts licked, their neck kissed, to play with the folds of their vagina, you have many things to experiment with before or during the sexual act, because the fact that sex has not yet begun does not mean that you do not have to go preparing. Women really enjoy anticipation, so make an effort to really spice things up. 

Ask the escort directly

although it might be a turn off for you, it’s better to ask the girl what exactly she likes rather than assume, so you can offer her a good sex session sure of what to do and follow through. Sure, there may be surprises, but it’s better to go in safe and that you can make her enjoy it than to start making it up. 

One of the things our escorts mention the most is that many men assume what women like, which makes sex routine because they always try the same things. So, don’t be embarrassed to ask what tickles everyone’s fancy. 

And if you still haven’t thought about the lucky girl who will have sex with you today or tomorrow, you can always enter Theory Love Escort and go with the ideal girl for you, both physically and offering the services you are expecting to get after you have done whatever you want with her to make her enjoy. 

We are one of the best escort agencies in London, believe us when we say that it will always be an enjoyable and different experience with every girl, so make sure you choose well or come back to experience it again.