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Mature escorts, why hire a mature escort?

Believe it or not, one of the most requested services for escorts is to spend the night with mature and experienced women, what we would call a MILF, who are no younger than 35 years old. But, why so much fuss about these women who, for many, might not fulfill sexual expectations? We will explain it to you. 


The first thing is that we think that escorts over 35 are going to look like a bunch of sissies, but no, these women still have their charms and you can see it on our main page where we have a lot of women waiting for you. 

London Escort mature escort

Why hire a mature escort?

The Golden Age

Men often assimilate sex with youth, with fresh meat, we have been taught that the natural thing is to want a girl younger than us, and this is a fatal mistake if we really want to get a good juice from sex. Remember that young girls don’t come with experience, they have to be taught, while women with a little bit of experience already know perfectly well how to satisfy a man. 

Giving the opportunity to an older woman to teach you the wonders of sex is one of the best things you can do in your life, believe us, the most requested services in our agency Theory Love Escort are about women over 35. 

Contact MILFS, the most sought after mature escorts

If you do not know what exactly is the term MILF, in a few words we can define it as women who have already been mothers or have passed this age where they usually have children and who are kept in perfect condition, who still have that sex appeal intact and that just by looking at them you get hot. And the acronym comes directly from the phrase: Mother I’d Like to Fuck.

If you want to contact one of these women, we recommend you not to explore too much through the websites that are shown in porn sites and others, you could get an unpleasant surprise. 

And why have a date with a mature escort if you can date a young escort. Basically, the experience and not only in bed but also in the know-how of accompanying a man, the elegance, the conversation she can have, and the seduction.

Always make sure that the women you are going to hire come directly from escort agencies such as Theory Love Escort, so you can be sure that the service will really meet the quality standard you are expecting. 

Believe us, besides sex, these women are great company for any type of event, and they have their own little quirks that no young woman could beat no matter how hard she tries. 

Women over 40, you have to try it.

As we have been saying, dating an older escort beyond the sexual aspect is a new experience that we should all live at least once. These women definitely have a different air, and something that makes you keep your eyes on them at all times. 

If you are already in need of dating a mature woman, you can always opt to go to the Theory Love Escorts homepage and check out the large number of girls available right now for speed dating. 

If you are wondering where you can take your escort, these women do not really have a preference as such. You can easily take them to your apartment for a nice wine and they will be happy with this, after all, their intention is for you to enjoy their presence. 

These women are the clear example that an escort is nothing like a prostitute, they are sophisticated women who will do everything possible to satisfy all your fantasies both sexual and emotional, they are there to do what you want to do that day and make you feel loved. 

It should be noted that these women have all the services that an average escort would have, there is no change, but you can still check their particular services (since each girl is different) in the presentation booklet on our website.