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MILF’s escorts: 4 reasons why and where you should go out with them

Many people who come to our agency mostly have fetishes for young, fresh and shiny girls, because they tend to look aesthetically more appealing. But people who really know where it’s at, often prefer to opt for older escorts who can make your body quiver just by looking at them in a specific way.

The Milfs we have at Theory Love Escort are among the favorites of the London scene, and from what our clients have told us after dating them time and time again is that you never get tired of experiencing new things they bring to you. 

To do our beautiful women justice, we have made a top of the reasons why our Escorts clients keep coming back for this service.

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This is the first of the things that many men mention after spending a long time with an escort, and that is that these women really go out of their way to show you everything that they have wisely saved for years and years to show to whoever chooses them. Unlike the young girls, these women really know how they can make a man go crazy without the need to let him in. The menu of services they offer is incredibly broad, something that appeals to those who want to have a little bit of everything during their service.

If you’re a fan of BDSM or another uncommon practice that not many girls have on their presentation card, we assure you that with these experienced women you’ll be able to find that and much more. 


Many times when these people think of a MILF they picture someone really like their granny, but these women are the real beauties that really stand out because of their divine curves and mostly have great attributes that you enjoy just watching them bounce and bounce. 

Just like our other escorts, just because some of them are chubby does not mean that they are out of shape. These women strive to keep themselves not in line but aesthetically pleasing enough for their clients, although if you explore the wide variety at Theory Love Escort you will find that there is something for everyone. So, you just have to search and search through all the options. 

Pleasant Conversation 

Unlike the young girls, who will be nervous and without much conversation to carry, these women will bring up everything you can imagine. What’s more, you’ll even feel pleased to have such a wise woman talk to you about everything a little bit and even if you’re young, teach you a thing or two. Learning from her is easy, and so is empathizing and getting down to her level. 

As you can imagine, most of these women have very important university degrees and know what they are talking about and have exceptional manners. It is definitely an enjoyment to be with her.

New sensations

One is used to dating people who match us in age and stage, but by dating one of these women you are exposed to the fact that you have to explore new possibilities. New ways of dating, new ways of expressing yourself, new places to visit and above all, a new air in general around dating. And for many, this change is a pleasant, satisfying thing to go through. For many, it’s the best decision they’ve made in a long time to get rid of stress. 

So, what are you waiting for? These beautiful women are waiting for you today so you can have an unforgettable date, which will probably make you try out the variety of girls we have for you. You’ll never know if it’s really your thing if you don’t try it, so give yourself that little chance to experience new things and enjoy good company thanks to the services of Theory Love Escorts.