Milking and Lactating Escorts in London

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What are Milking and Lactating escorts in London

The most strange fetish you ever saw or maybe one of the many it’s the Milking one. Milking and Lactating escorts in London are in few and you cant find them easily but we managed to have some just for you. This fetish consists of the escort getting milked by a pump or by herself and giving it to the man she is with. Seeing the drop of milk going on the pointy nipple could make man hornier than ever and that’s a real fact over there.

Learn about Milking and Lactating

Milking occurs on the mothers that gave birth to their child but it can happen on those that are not pregnant too so it’s safe to say that our escorts can do this kind of service. The clients that have this strong fetish love to drink it and see the process that how it is made off. Lactating escorts in London can make this fantasy come to life and make the client happy by choosing us.

Best Milking Companions

As we said there are just a few escorts that fulfill the criteria to do milking and we got some of the best around these parts. We like to be on the top of this industry that’s why we picked some beautiful girls that have a couple of milk drops just for you on their breasts. It’s your choice to pick a girl with big boobs or one with the little ones, either way, they will be glad to fill a glass with their milk just for your pleasure.

Why choose Theory Love Escort Agency

Being one of the only agencies that offer milking service we sure love to keep our clients happy and have right there on the spot everything that they may ask. We like to be around and hear all that they got to say regarding the booking and the review that they left. Theory Love Agency has the best Lactating escorts in London and we love to keep the expectations of our clients high.

Book our Milking escorts

If you wanna book one of these escorts and try to go into a fetish that you never tried than its better to pick an experienced girl to guide you through it. If you are asking yourself how can I distinguish the experienced one from the amateur one? Then we assure you that here at our gallery you can find only those girls that have a background on this. We don’t take amateurs on our agency because we keep a high standard just like our clients want it to.