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Most common fetishes that are taboo

The world is full of different cultures, people, and things that definitely make everyone have a different opinion or taste in everything based on what part of the world they have experienced. In this case, the world of social services strives to offer a different and open view of things to people who come to experience new things. That is why it is said that escort services do not have any kind of limits or taboos in front of people. 

If you are one of these people who have a particular vision of the world but are incredibly embarrassed to externalize it with common people and you are looking to feel more comfortable among a particular group of people that you have not yet found, this is your total site of choice that will bring you the incredible experience of fully enjoying your sexuality without pain or limits.

Sexy blonde girl wearing an orange and purple one-piece bikini and red lipstick while holding a face mask in her hands and posing in front of a blue wall.

If you are looking for very rare fetishes, considered taboo, but that you need to experience at least once in your life, here at Theory Love Escort we will expose you to some of the most common but judged ones that our escorts offer without any taboos.

Gold Rain

The well known golden shower or golden bath which consists of the escort or you as a person, urinating on the other person and the other person simply enjoys it or even the mouth can be included in these practices. It also happens that they decide to do something similar to a creampie but with urine, and this is totally valid although it will be uncomfortable because of the mandatory use of a condom.

Many people see this practice as unpleasant while other people simply find it satisfying. We are in favor that all sex should be enjoyed as long as it does not harm others.

Choking and spanking

Clearly those that are light enough to not knock anyone out or hurt anyone, but still hard enough to leave marks. There are men who both like to be on the receiving end of this type of practice, as well as those who like to do it. Regardless of the option, the escorts at Theory Love Escorts are open to the opportunity to experience this type of service with anyone who requires them, as it is not very difficult to have the stamina for this. 

What is ideal is that any of these types of services should be previously notified so that there are no problems if it is going to be performed, because if it is a surprise, many escorts will probably refuse, since it is out of the usual service.


Poppers are a very specific type of drug that makes people enter a state of euphoria that allows some to enjoy more widely being more liberating orgasm and much more intense sex.  Clearly you have to make sure that whoever teaches you to use this type of services knows what the ideal amounts are for each person and that you do not experiment alone, so escort services tend to be very good. 

Anal play in men

Many men feel that it is humiliating to have girls messing with their ass, when really it is quite normal and standard and there should be no problem with it. Many escorts know well how to satisfy the G-spot in men both with toys, harnesses and even finger play. If you are one of these people who are just starting to experience it and want to know how else they can satisfy you and adapt their anus so that it doesn’t hurt, it will always be best to invest in an escort who already has the experience.

Further degradation

 If you like bad words directed at you as a man but again you are afraid of what people will say about it, we totally understand and recommend the services of escorts who will treat you the worst only when it comes to the bed. 

If you are curious about what other types of services an escort could provide you with, you can always opt to contact the website directly and inquire about the possibilities of fulfilling your kinkiest fetish.