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Most common sexual fantasies in men

When the monotony of a formal relationship strikes and we start to get bored of traditional sexual encounters, fantasies begin to appear, an unconventional but healthy way to bring more diversity to our sex life and rekindle the curiosity with our partner.

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We all have sexual fantasies, regardless of whether they are more or less normal, it is a way to keep our libido active and maintain our perversion and eroticism over time, which is not a bad thing.

Thus, in this article we will put at your disposal the most recurrent fantasies in men’s minds, being that one of the main tasks of escorts is to fulfill them.

Threesome or orgy fantasies

Although this is not something that all men have, a great part of them have a liking for maintaining sexual diversity over time and not staying stuck in a single woman. Thus, fetishes such as threesomes or orgies begin to emerge, either one man with two women or vice versa, the idea of imagining themselves in sexual situations involving more partners seems to them the most morbid thing there can be.

At the same time, having a diverse sexual life attached to the basic instincts of people can be reflected in other ways, in orgies, one of the basic or complementary customs of people is the exchange, either having sex with someone else’s partner or vice versa. And all these fantasies can be fulfilled with the help of a London escort.

Domination and submission fantasies

The internet and contemporary cult movies have exposed a side of sexuality that many people repressed or kept hidden. Domination, whether in role play or foreplay as part of partner stimulation, or within the discipline of BDSM, has become one of the most recurrent fetishes.

Although there are men who like to be subdued and dominated, this fantasy is usually represented in reverse, in scenarios where the male figure takes control and uses different BDSM practices. In any case, there are experienced escorts specialized in this world to introduce men or make them discover the wonders of this side of sexuality.

Sex fantasies with strangers

Having sex with a person you will never see again will help you to be honest with your desires and even fetishes, which will allow you to experience an encounter like never before.

Usually, this fantasy goes hand in hand with others such as having sex in public, which is complemented by the fact of being intimate with someone you don’t know and will probably never see again. In any case, it should be emphasized that protection and condoms are essential to avoid contracting an STD.

Fantasies of having sex in public places

It goes hand in hand with what we said before, having sex in public places tends to fuel the libido and morbid curiosity of many men. Knowing that they run the risk of being discovered makes them feel a great adrenaline that ends up translating into excitement.

There are many escorts willing to perform this type of services and, in fact, they are experienced enough to tell you the security measures and the most reliable ways to perform this practice without being discovered.


Anal sex fantasies


The idea of using the anus as a source of pleasure, either through penetration or due to the stimulation of the male G-spot located in the prostate, generates in many men a level of morbid curiosity that can provoke the biggest erections and orgasms, which they could not access in conventional relationships.


The escorts, aware of this, have specialized in the practice of anal sex, from Theory Love Escorts either to receive it or to give it, and the measures will have enough experience to prevent either of you from getting hurt in the process. Remember that the use of a good lubricant is extremely important.