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Most requested services and features at Theory Love Escort

In everything we have our preferences, as simple as choosing yellow over green, and just as we can so easily choose between this and that, it is easy for each of us to have our preferences in terms of sexual positions, practices, characteristics of the people we are going to have sex with, etc. 

As an escort agency, we notice which are the most demanded services by a certain part of our clientele and we strive to ensure that the girls maintain the quality of service and expand their catalog to meet the demand for certain types of practices. For this reason, today we can give you a summary of which are the sexual practices that have attracted the most attention among our clients and which are the most requested, at least last year. Let’s start!

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Orals are something standard, every year they are among the basics of the basics that no man can miss during a service with an Escort. And we are not talking about simple orals, these kinds of services tend to be quite varied in terms of their development, so you can expect all the sexual fetishes you have in mind to be well satisfied when you agree to have an escort give you an oral.

From deep throat to 69, there are no limits or taboos in everything you can ask for in terms of this millenary practice, the girls at Theory Love Escort are more than experts on the subject. 


Both inside and outside BDSM, disguises are one of the most basic but effective techniques used by escorts to keep you in the palm of their hands. And we understand you, seeing these spectacular women in a suggestive costume is a visual delight for anyone, not even we could stand it.

The best of all is that you can choose in most cases what will be the specific costume you want the girl to wear, it can be a schoolgirl or a nurse. It can be anything from a sexy Santa’s helper to a bad cop, in this sense you choose which one provokes you the most and they make your fantasies come true. 

Foot Fetish

Although it may sound strange to some, escorts’ services tend to be used to satisfy those little carnal needs that may seem grotesque to some. Such as foot fetishes and fetishes with other particular body parts.

At Theory Love Escort we offer foot masturbation, foot sucking, foot rubbing, foot rubbing, etc. Everything you can imagine based on this fetish is possible with these girls. 

Dominatrix and submissive

Many men are afraid to admit that they like to be submissive to some women, but at Theory Love Escort we have no such limitations and we fully support that men also enjoy being submissive. The best part? We have a variety of girls to choose from, from huge women who are terrifying just to look at, to petite girls who know how to put themselves in the role and make you feel even more miserable. No matter what your specific fetish is, these women fulfill it to perfection and give you the advantage of being able to come back for more whenever you want, at whatever time and date you want. 

They can include costume, toys, harness and whatever else your filthy mind thinks might make you shudder. Or if you are the opposite, the one who likes to be in control, there are also a variety of girls for you in the same description as the dominatrix. Also versatile women, a little bit of everything for everyone.

Those are the most requested categories from Theory Love Escort’s clients, but it doesn’t mean that they are the best, there are a lot of women ready to make you enjoy a variety of services in our agency, you just have to look for the one that suits you. What are you waiting for? At this moment they are waiting for your message.