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Most Requested Services from London Escorts

Escorts have recently gained a great popularity as the new generations have become much more open compared to their ancestors when it comes to sexual matters and resorting to the services of escorts.

What once might have been seen as a source of shame or embarrassment for people, is now understood as something completely natural and in some cases extremely necessary to continue with our normal day-to-day functions.

The fact that people are more open sexually has brought with it, in turn, a generation of new trends and erotic desires that have made us more sexually diverse, and this has also allowed people to be honest and can talk naturally about their fantasies and fetishes, so escorts have been trained to meet this kind of unusual ideas.

If you are a person with a particular fantasy but you are embarrassed to tell an escort about it because you feel it is weird, here are some popular services that are frequently requested.

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Anal sex

Anal sex is one of the oldest, but at the same time most stigmatized practices that exist. It is a fact that not all women are willing to have sex using the anus, in fact, there are escorts who do not usually accept this type of requests, however, in recent years it has become increasingly popular and has become more and more common. 

The popularity of anal sex has increased to such an extent that there are escort ladies who specialize exclusively in anal games and are amply trained to provide their clients with an unforgettable experience.

Deep Throat 

Deep throat is another one of those practices that due to its complexity, men adore but women who are not into escort services abhor. Everyone enjoys a classic bareback blowjob, however, deep throat goes much further, and as its name explains, it involves the stimulation of the penis using the girl’s throat as the main source of pleasure.

This sometimes means that the girls have to put the whole member in their mouth until they reach this point, so it can be scary or not everyone is able to do it, but for this there are escorts, professional ladies in all the sexual arts that will put their bodies at your disposal.


Threesomes are another fantasy that conventional couples find difficult to fulfill, but with the help of an escort this will not be a problem. There are escorts who specialize in threesomes, and in fact, if you don’t have a partner, they will find the ideal companion for you.

Having an escort for a threesome will provide you with certain advantages or benefits, such as the fact that you and your girlfriend will be getting involved with a more experienced person, which will make it easier for you to perform better in bed.


This is one of the disciplines with more taboos around it because it involves going one step further in sexual games, and could end up risking physical integrity if you do not have the experience, knowledge and appropriate implements for its realization. However, if you are one of those people who want to explore an unusual side of their sexuality, in our agency you can find escorts who are exclusively dedicated to BDSM practices, who can welcome you to this erotic world and guide you with great care.

Actually, these are not all the most popular services among the escorts’ requests, there is a wide variety, so you can surely find both your fantasies and regular practices.

Exploring our agency, Theory Love Escort, you will surely be able to find the ideal girl for you who will want to fulfill each and every one of your requests, to guarantee this we put at your disposal a wide catalog with escorts of all characteristics and preferences.